Love is in the Air….stream

Yep, we bought an airstream! It’s a 1968 safari 22’ airstream. It was remodeled about 4 years ago and we decided it was the best investment in regards to any RV. Seriously, these things keep their value, thankfully we got a good deal on it.

Us driving home from Phoenix

Most importantly, Nettie loves it, since it’s going to be her little getaway. We named it Delilah, (now we can sing to her.. hey there Delilah, what’s it like in noodle (Nettie’s nickname) city 🎶 ~thank you Eli for a new version of the song. We got it set up in the back yard.

Mitch hurdling our temporary fence till we get side gates on the house… soon we hope.
The inside

We’ve been keeping busy, last time, up in Washington, we tore down a shed, this time we moved a shed!

The shed was facing north
Mitch lifted both ends with a couple floor jacks and put 4 -10 ft 4” pvc pipes underneath
Mitch, Angel and I pushed little by little, then moving one pipe to the front and pushing it further into position. It’s amazing how easily it moved
now it’s facing west

We’re still learning about all the different bugs in Arizona, last week we encounter a giant black flying creature with red wings in the garage. I opened the door for him to leave and he just wouldn’t fly out, finally Angel came and sent him to bug heaven. After some research, comparing pictures we found out what this guy is called.

Tarantula Hawk Wasp
He was 2.5 inches long! Yes I measured

Come to find out they actually hunt, paralyze, lay their egg, and feed off the body of a tarantula. What do you know.. a week later (yesterday) the guys called us out to the front to show us something.. it was a dead TARANTULA! Holy moly, what a wild west insect world there is here in Arizona.

Tarantula in front of our garage

Mitchs sister Cindy came for a visit and we took our first outing to the lake in Bullhead City AZ, less than an hour away.

You can’t relax for too long or the waves will carry you away. The guys got smart and anchored to a couple rocks.

It was over a 100 degrees the day we went but being in the water we never could’ve guessed. Side note, three applications of sunscreen in four hours and we all still got spots of sunburns.

There’s even a place to jump into the water, high enough for Eli to do a flip

Who’d ever think there was clear cool water in the desert. Thanks Colorado River! The area is called Lake Mohave and telephone cove. Since it so clear we plan to bring our snorkeling gear next time.

oasis in the desert

Oh, I also got updated news I’m sure you’ve been holding your breath to hear…my hairdryer has been found! It was in a box on Mitchs side of the closet! Wahoo!

Last night’s sunset 7-12-22

As the sun sets on a another 100 plus degree day I count my blessings. I am grateful for all the things in life, including all the hurdles we’ve encountered, but especially for my sweetheart who does so much for all of us.



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