Home Sweat Home

It is amazingly great to be back home and we hit the ground running when we got to the house. The first few days we spent cleaning the house and yard, followed by painting and laying new flooring.

laundry room before
laundry room before


laundry room after
laundry room after
Our new floor Mitch put in from Home Depot.  It's Allure, it's awesome and the color is Piedmont Ash
Our new bedroom floor Mitch put in. It’s Allure from Home Depot, it’s awesome and the color is Piedmont Ash

Although we’ve now been home for two weeks it feels like it’s only been a few days. In addition to cleaning the house, we needed to clean the trailer, camper and truck and then list them all for sale on craigslist. Oh yeah, by the way, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy, check them out on craigslist. click on each word below to see the actual listing:


travel trailer





Loaded and ready to tackle that mountain


While cleaning we used a product that Mitch read about online before we’d left for our travels and boy does it do the job, it’s called  Bar Keepers Friend.

great stuff that really works
great stuff that really works and doesn’t have a super strong odor

We had a spill in the oven in the trailer and it was a dark solid cooked in mess, my new little friend made it super easy and it looks like new! Works great to remove water spots as well. All this work and sweat doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been super sweet to be home, we just haven’t slowed down much to enjoy it like we should.


got some beautiful plants for the house already
got some beautiful plants for the house already

Last week we also put a fence inside our fence for the dogs. Our yard is so large and was neglected over the last couple years so when it rains, mud is a huge issue with the dogs. We decided to create a little piece of paradise right out our back door where the dogs can go, and after we lay brick there won’t be any mud! Yahoo, so grateful my sweetie pie is a great fence guy.

Charlie enjoying the yard while Mitch is working hard
Charlie taking a break while Mitch is hard at work


We are finally somewhat unpacked and organized. We still have too much stuff, I still have too many clothes and am seriously considering seeking professional help on how to lessen my possessions. The anxiety that I’d experienced while traveling has now came back to haunt me as we unpacked boxes that were stored in the shed.


Milo enjoying the leaves from last fall before we cleaned up the yard
Milo enjoying the leaves from last fall before we cleaned up the yard

Yesterday we went through our last boxes, full of paperwork. It took about 6 hours and finally I feel somewhat organized. We’re looking forward to washing the road grime off our bicycles in the week to come and slowing down to enjoy the bliss that we are finally settled back home.


Happy Father's Day!!!
 Breakfast of champions: 2 pancakes drowned in syrup, three fried eggs and three slices of bacon with a side of black coffee. So Happy! Happy Father’s Day!!!


Papa’s gotten settled into his own little place 15ft from the house and is starting to relax into his own routine.   This morning Mitch and I made him a Father’s Day breakfast on his favorite kind of plate…paper!  We wish all you father’s out there a wonderfully happy day.






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