Best Day Everish

Seeing the forest through the trees, a whole new perspective
Seeing the sky through the forest and appreciating all the wild flowers.


Before I tell you about the best day everish (can’t really say best ever, but definite top 20) I need to tell you how we got here. It began to seem as if I’d never find the right one, as I sit in the 65th car, it feels like all the others I’ve sat in over the past  3 weeks.

Nope, not the one for me
Nah, not the one for me

It was as if I’m the glass slipper and there’s no Cinderella in sight, nothings fits!

Nice but nope...
Nice but nope…

My darling husband, patient as can be, has tolerated 20 different dealerships, the salesmen and my constant uncertainly of what kind of vehicle I’d like to have.

Let's check out this engine
Let’s check out this engine

Yesterday we got a call from non-other than the guy who sold us our furniture who had moved into car sales just last month. He found a truck he thought Mitch would like, so we venture down to Larry H. Miller Toyota to check it out (ask for Tom Campos if you go!). It wasn’t the truck for Mitch and they didn’t have any in my price range that I liked so we were about to take our weary bones home when we went across the street to look at Larry H. Miller Honda. Along the back fence they have the row of misfit cars that they deem not worthy of repair and sell as is.

They all say as is, but she really is AS IS
As Is, is fine by me

Walking pass the row waiting to go to auction, I see the sun reflecting off her polished chrome, as if smiling and saying I’ve been waiting for you to find me! It’s a 2009 Volkswagon Tiguan and has all the bells and whistles.  I never thought I’d have such a fancy car.

Here's my beautiful new used Fancy
I finally found “THE ONE”

I had my last car (Rio, a 93 Nissan Sentra) for 18 years and plan to keep this girl for good! Along with the great deal, they told us what work needs to be done. Yes, of course there’s trepidation in getting it, knowing that there were things wrong, but at least we were actually informed this time and I know it’s the car for me, I say she’s worth the work!

She has a sunroof that goes from front to back!
She has a sunroof that goes from the front all the way to back! Wahoo!

For the last two days I’ve been telling Papa and Mitch that she’s the coolest car EVER and how pretty she is, with that being said I’ve decided to name her Fancy. It was such a long day yesterday we made plans to go back to the dealer today to finalize everything and drive her home, and I wanted the night to sleep on it and pray about it.


Check out that shine…and she's mine. What a blessed day it is!
Check out that shine…and she’s mine! What a blessed day it is!

How’d today become the best day everish you ask? How could it not be! We went to Riverside State park for a long wonderful hike, then went to finalize the paperwork and pick up Fancy.

Trail at Riverside Park


The beauty in the details of flowers never ceases to amaze me



After that we went to Olive Garden (papa had never been before and loved the lasagna) and to top it off, we only have one week until we move back home. Life just seems to be on an upswing right now and we have more wonderful days ahead.


Come with me love and share this experience
Come with me love and share this experience


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