Home For a Day

Since we’ve posted about our future plans of heading back home we’ve been doing a bunch of yard planning, what vegetables we’re going to grow, tossing around other ideas and picked out colors to paint a couple of the rooms. We are really excited for our future, thankful in the now and grateful for our past.

Papa's playing ping pong at Cindy's
Papa’s playing ping pong at Cindy’s

We’ve tried to get Mitch’s crown finished, but everyone has to send it out and you wait weeks to get the permanent one.  Frustrated by the different price quotes and the uncertain feelings we had about not knowing these dentists, an idea popped into my head.  I said, “Why not just go home to get your tooth done, it’s only a 6 hour drive.  Dr. Menke has a milling machine in his office, you could get be completely finished with this in a couple hours!”  We were so excited, set up a rental car, bribed Papa with a steak dinner if he stayed and looked after the dogs and asked Sherie and Dale if we could stay with them when we came to town.

We got the hot rod on the right
We got the hot rod on the right

Things fell into place so well, it was a trip destined to happen and blessed with great things to come! First and foremost Sherie and Dale, you two rock!  If you were any cooler you’d be an iceberg, we love you guys and are so grateful to have you in our lives.

Chef Sheri and her amazing baking skills! Delicious!
Chef Sheri and her amazing baking skills! Delicious!

They made us feel so at home while we stayed with them. Sherie fed us with her AMAZING cooking and her thoughtfulness spilled over in leftover containers to bring papa a little bit of everything we ate, while we were with them!

What! no leftovers for us!
What are we, chopped liver?

We also did some networking, and Mitch and I both have job opportunities lined up that we’ll divulge later when they come into being, don’t want to count those chickens yet, but yahoo and thank you!

We had a wonderful visit, I was so happy to drive around town, knowing where to go, what roads to take and just that feeling of familiarity!  AAhhh, the good life.  We just had to visit a couple of our favorite restaurants while we were there so the first night we went to Bruchi’s in Medical Lake, and got their delicious Caesar Salad with Chicken.

Frappy and Rags, best of buddies! Who'd of thunk it.
Frappy and Rags, best of buddies! Who would have thunk it
The next day after the dentist, we went into Spokane to run a couple errands and stopped into Linnie’s Thai on 3rd St. We always get the #44 with chicken and usually 2 stars (the spiciness varies with them, and you can add more spice if not hot enough). 

Mitch’s tooth turned out wonderful!  Dr. Menke in Airway Heights is a wonderful dentist, and his staff is great, if you are looking for a dentist we would recommend him to anyone.  Before heading out of town we stocked up on a few of Papa’s favorite snacks that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else and then back to Vancouver we drove.

On the way back to Vancouver
On the way back to Vancouver, cool car shot of the clouds

Yesterday we had brunch at the Red Lion’s Inn at the Quay with Mitch’s brother-in-law Tus and his wife Shirley.

The view from the Red Lion
The view from the Red Lion

It had been too many years since they’d seen each other and I hadn’t met them before. After introductions and hugs, it was as if we were all old friends, no weird awkward pauses of uncomfortable silences, just good company.

Happy full bellies

I actually ate myself a quiche, which I have never ordered before in my life, but dang it was yummy!  They also brought out all this fresh fruit and baskets of pastries.  It was a bit pricey, but they have a beautiful view and everyone really enjoyed their meal, so it was worth it.



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