Our Last Week in Vancouver

 We are headed up north to Port Angeles tomorrow to visit the kids and Judy before making our way back home.  Thankfully the rain stopped and the sun came out this last week making our trip to Multnomah Falls with Cindy better than anticipated.  Siri had taken us onto a side road before we made it to the famous fall and we came across a lesser known, but beautifully powerful waterfall called Wahkeena falls.



View of Wahkeena Falls from the bottom


After a half mile steep walk on a paved trail we are at the Wahkeena Falls


standing on the bridge, feeling the power of the waterfall can be intimidating


Siblings in the mist


Cindy and I going back down the trail


What a great day for a little walk


There’s a bench up the trail a little bit where you can sit and do some people watching and waterfall admiring


This is the view from the bench, don’t forget the picnic basket

Our next stop was Multnomah Falls


Beautiful morning fog over Multnomah Falls Lodge


Multnomah Falls


Multnomah Falls


A rock fell and damaged the bridge so we were unable to cross and go to the top


Better view of hole in bridge


Click on picture to read about rock damage to bridge


Surprise, another picture of Multnomah Falls


Family time at the fall


Cindy and I looking like we are learning something, but actually we’re just looking at the picture


This is what the top fall looks like as it hits the ground


On our way home, what do you know?  Another waterfall!!!


Horsetail Falls in Oregon


After our waterfall walks we went and picked up Papa and had lunch with Alice.  I forgot to take pics, but we had a really nice time and any time I get with my dear friend Alice is awesome! Whether it’s moving furniture, having coffee or doing lunch it’s always quality time.

The next night we went and spent time with Tus and his wife Shirley. It was a great time and we’re really starting to feel like social butterflies!


Delicious dinner with Shirley and Tus, our first time having crab cakes and for sure won’t be the last


The next day we spent with Cindy and Aubria, (Mitch’s Niece) got some pizza and watched a movie.  After, it was such a nice day we decided to go on the search for some slippers since mine are about shot.


What else do you when when shopping for slippers? you try on fun hats! Cindy and Aubria having fun.


Maybe we should always put on silly hats when shopping at K-Mart! This is fun


When you can’t find slippers you like, it’s best to have a little Dairy Queen with the family


The next day the girls came over to our place for dinner and brought with them beautiful flowers for us to take with us along our travels! How wonderful those girls are!


Cindy brought us Daffodils


Aubria brought us Daisy’s!!!



Not only did Aubria bring us daisy’s, but then she did all the dishes after we had dinner! Such a sweetie!




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