The trade offs of life when fulltiming in an RV

The saying “you can’t have everything” resounds in every aspect of living in an RV.  One must LOVE this lifestyle to actually flourish. It is not for the faint of heart, those that like consistent creature comforts or familiarity of any kind. It’s an ever changing, unknown, unpredictable lifestyle that can challenge even the most adaptable type of person.

Learning to accept oneself and acknowledging when things aren't a fit
This ol girl thought the full timing shoe would be a perfect fit.  Accepting it’s not….priceless.

We wanted to put out a list of things to really consider before you decide to live in your RV fulltime. We are now 4 months in and the rose colored glasses have shattered and we can share this information from experience.  Before you read our list please know that this has been our experience, and as great as it is, it can also be just as challenging.

Papa in deep thought… about pie 

Either you RV out in the boondocks where you don’t have all the amenities and water is like gold, or you join the masses and fit yourself into a sardine can. It is really a trade off. Here are a few of our reasons for no longer full timing in an RV.

Boondocking in Yuma, tons of room to move
Boondocking in Yuma, tons of room to move

*The cost of fulltiming can become high if you are not consistently watching your spending and distance that you travel.

*Privacy, if you are boondocking you can have more space than you know what to do with. If you are in any type of camp or park people will probably be right out your front door.

We're the sardine in the middle
The sea of RV’s at our current place

*Dog poop is everywhere, not all people will pick up their pets poopies!  We haven’t been to a single place where there wasn’t dog doo doo.  Either you end up stepping in it, your dog try’s to eat it, or steps in it themselves and it’s just a crappy situation.  Oh, and no just letting them out the door to do their business, you gotta go for walks in the rain, the cold, the heat and all the in betweens. 

What? I'm good at avoiding the poo, it's milo who eats it!
What? I’m good at avoiding the poo!

*Familiarity of your surroundings is a challenge because you are always somewhere new.  Finding a repairman, the Laundromat, the grocery store or where to buy propane gets very frustrating at times.

*Refueling at a gas station becomes something of a search, not only for the lowest prices but the ability to maneuver in and out of the station with 56 feet of metal.

*Space…. Overall, it is lacking. The fridge, shower, microwave, stove, oven, countertop and everything else is just smaller, I know that’s a given but months into it, things seem even smaller.

Our shower has become the closet, as we use the RV parks showers
Our shower has become the closet, as we use the RV parks showers

*Some places will charge for electricity, want to do a credit check, charge you for more than just two people or if you have pets.  Seriously.

*Finding RV toilet paper can be one of the most frustrating things while traveling!

The good RV toilet paper costs $3.17 for a pack of 4
The good RV toilet paper costs $3.17 for a pack of 4

*If you love baths, moving furniture around, decorating the house and meeting friends for dinner on a whim, this lifestyle will not be conducive to such things.

*If you are like me and want to be more organized, eat better, exercise more, and have less stuff this lifestyle won’t automatically make you that way.  I still throw stuff in a drawer to deal with later, I love my candy and we’ve both put on a traveling 12 lbs each, we don’t ride our bikes as much as I thought we would and as for less stuff, yes but you can do that at home.  Please don’t make the mistake I did in wanting to be a better me and not do the work in hopes that your environment will change you, it’s gotta be you that changes you. I am such a dreamer, my ideals about how I would be didn’t mesh with the realities, and that’s life sometimes.  Now I am ready to go home, plant some flowers, and watch them grow.

This dog is ready to go home too!
I just want to go home so I can bury this thing

Our situation, since we have the camper and travel trailer has been challenging beyond words trying to only pay for one site.  Most places will charge you for each recreational vehicle, not allowing you to use one site. That cost can add up quickly considering the average charge for a night can range from $20 to $40 a night per site.

Fulltiming gives you the freedom of the open road, but life is about perspective and if that is not your ultimate hearts desire it may not be for you.  The freedoms you wont have is to do laundry whenever you want, shower with real water pressure, or have hot water the whole way through.  Ultimately, all the day-to-day things you do and take for granted, when out on the road can become your most challenging hurdles.

We’re all a bit wiser from our travels, Charlie just has a way of making it look good

With all that said, we wouldn’t want to pee on your parade, be negative nelly’s or ruin your ideals of this lifestyle.  We just want to share with your our experiences, challenges and those things that helped us to realize this way of living isn’t for us. 

Our little house that will probably seem big now
Our little house that will probably seem big now


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5 thoughts on “The trade offs of life when fulltiming in an RV

  1. Of course every decision and every action has intended and unintended consequences. Both can be equally valuable, if both are embraced, in our quest to find happiness and avoid suffering. What a great decision you made to explore a slice of life that many cannot or fear to make. I’m sure you have come away with a greater understanding of your “self” especially in relation to the “source”. It is what it is and if embraced it really is “all good” so embrace it all with gratitude–and welcome home!! Tom (& Vickie)

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