Dream Achieved

To our family, friends and followers……………….The End.

Wouldn’t that be funny if we were to end it that way? Doesn’t it pretty much tell you everything in a nutshell anyway?

I'm pooped and wanna go home
I’m pooped and wanna go home

Yes folks, we have come to the conclusion that this chapter in our lives has run its course.   We now realize that although it has been rewarding, it’s not the lifestyle for us. No regrets, lots of cherished memories and wonderful experiences.  Quitting full timing in an RV wasn’t something we decided overnight, but once we agreed we weren’t going to do it anymore, we’ve had a great sense of peace about it.  We still plan to travel, see new places and have adventures but not from an RV .

Sunset when we were at Grand Isle Louisana
Sunset when we were at Grand Isle Louisana

We plan to head home to Medical Lake Washington in the next couple months and settle down in our little house.  We’re looking forward to doing the things we were one time tired of doing (like mowing the lawn), and are excited to just settle down again.  Still Lovin’ life and looking forward to whatever comes next.

Blessed with so many options in life and freedom to change our paths
We are all so blessed with options in life and the freedom to change our paths

We’ll continue to post about our travels, adventures and life lessons, hope you keep on following along.



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6 thoughts on “Dream Achieved

  1. Wonderful, come back to the cold!!!!!!! I would imagine it would be fun doing what you were doing but it would get old. Glad you enjoyed your time away!!!!

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