Flea Ring Circus

It seems as if it’s been weeks since I last posted, we have plenty to update you about.

Jelly fish

We went to the San Antonio Zoo, with Greg, Amy and their girls.

Amy's girls at the Zoo
the girls at the Zoo

It was perfect weather, rented papa a wheelchair for the occasion and we enjoyed a relaxed day of seeing all the animals.


I would have to say my favorite was the butterfly house, you have to pay an additional $1.50 to go into it, but it was so worth it.  They fly around, land on you and you can learn a lot from the girls working there about their habits, lifespan and where they came from.


After the zoo, we decided to stop into the Flea Market right near our RV park.  I found myself a ukulele for $14, if dad takes up playing the spoons we will have quite the band.  Why the ukulele you ask. Well, the guy at the music store when we got Mitch his harmonica said it was the easiest instrument to learn.

 I have named her Lola
I have named her Lola

Papa found some coins and lost his cane, and Mitch got a blue’s harmonica.  We had a wonderful day last week of just doing hobbies.  It was awesome, I took out my crochet, something I haven’t done in about 10 years, Mitch was working on a foil art project and papa was doing his word search.  Finally a day of nothing pressing, no stressing, it was just so great.  We had planned to go to the four other Missions here in San Antonio and ride our bikes the next day, but that night we noticed Charlie scratching something crazy.   Oh my, he has bites all over him.  We thought maybe it was those darn fire ants, until…. Yes,  a flea we spotted!  I have to own this one. I tried to be cheap, felt as if our dogs were immune to such things and went with the least expensive flea and tic prevention.  What a mess!  Milo has them, Charlie seems to be allergic to the bites and is miserable.  We’d put the cheap stuff on them a few weeks ago and we were able to apply the frontline plus the next day.  Before doing that though we cleaned the entire house, ended up buying a vacuum because ours wasn’t doing squat, washed everything, washed the dogs in Dawn and Mitch shaved down Charlie. All the things that you are supposed to do, we did.  Now with the Frontline, we called about putting it on them after a wash and they said we didn’t have to wait a certain number of hours, as long as they were dry.  We thought we were taking those stinkers out. Finally getting a hold on that situation,  the next day we went to the San Jose Mission and rode our bikes on the trail.

Mission San Jose
Mission San Jose
inside of Mission San Jose
inside of Mission San Jose

We ended up seeing only two of the four Missions, only took pics of one, but what a wonderful way to spend the day, especially since it was FREE! We had a real nice time, weather was great and actually ate some pecans that had fallen off a tree along our ride.

Papa roamed the grounds of the mission while Mitch and I went for our ride.

A couple days later we went to the Flea market again where I got myself a backpack purse, so when my wonderful husband carries it for me it won’t seem so girly, papa got more coins, and we each ate an ice treat. It was nice to just enjoy some shopping for nothing and not worry about the other kind of fleas. Until…

Four days into the frontline and it isn’t working, there are still live fleas on the dogs and they have new bites.  Without using any other chemicals, we have to figure out what to do to rid these fleas.  We sprinkled the carpet with household salt, used apple cider vinegar and water as a spray on the dogs, used a flea comb, put DE on the grass outside of our RV, purchased lavender mineral oil and mixed it with water to help repel the fleas.  It has just been a flea fiasco.  We also invested in a cone collar for Charlie to stop him from scratching and try to let those scabs heal along with some hot spot ointment and Neosporin on the bad spots.

I refuse to go potty useless you take of this silly cone
I refuse to go potty useless you take off this silly cone

It hasn’t been fun for any of us.  We did get the tie rod fixed on the truck; it was only a 5-hour wait! Arg! During that wait, we all found change in the parking lot when we were roaming around, it added up to around 13 cents.  Thankfully we found a different place to change our oil.  He was awesome, knew diesels, was super informative and a great price.  If anyone is ever in San Antonio and needs work done on a vehicle we would recommend Barry’s Oil LLC in Marion TX.

Monday, Amy’s parents, Bob and Marsha had us over for dinner.  We wont be here for Thanksgiving and being the kind and wonderful people they are, they had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a meal fit for royalty and a lovely layout.

A meal of beauty
A meal of delicious beauty

It rained a good rain last night about 3:30 in the morning, and papa woke up to the misting of drops on his head.   Now the darn camplite has seriously sprung a leak in the ceiling.  Before it was in a different section, just a spot that seemed discolored.  Now it is a full-blown, dag nab it leak!!!

Like water off a ducks back
This guy would be a happy camper in papa’s place

As I go from leaks to fleas in my thoughts, I realize it’s all but not. To have the simple life, one must not have things to make strife.  I will take these woes and fix them as life goes.  But hey, it’s 75 degrees, and I am grateful that I will not freeze.

It is best to grin and bear it
It’s best to grin and bear it folks


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