Staying, Sweating and Home Spa’n,

First things fleas, I think we got it under control.  I’ve been doing a daily flea search on the dogs and none have been spotted.  Charlie, still with his cone, is healing well and the house has been a’ salted for a week now and no fleas are in the vacuum container. Here’s to hoping!

How much longer you gotta wear that thing Charlie?

We were supposed to head out of San Antonio this last Monday, the 25th, but Mother Nature wasn’t going to make it easy.  It was raining buckets, and about 35 degrees.  We had a family meeting and decided if we could stay at the park for a few more days at a good price and wait out this cold snap, we would.  To our surprise, since we’ve stayed a month, we’d be getting a much better daily rate. We decided to stay two more days, until we realized that meant we’d be traveling the day before Thanksgiving.  We’ll that’s just crazy, why wouldn’t we just stay and have Thanksgiving with our friends? We didn’t know why we wouldn’t either, so we are planning on leaving this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We are heading East, to Louisiana! Cajun food here we come! Yum.

In regards to the sweating…. it’s the house, not us.


It’s been pretty cold and the trailer is so air tight that we’re getting massive condensation.  Once we realized what was going on we wiped down the windows, the walls, inside the cabinets, opened windows, put rice in bowls thinking maybe that will soak up some the moisture (does anyone know if that even works?) and opened all the cupboards.


It’s now a trade off, run the heater more often and stay cool inside because we have the windows cracked and not have any condensation or close up the house and let it sweat. Of course there is also the option of not breathing so much, but we like our lives and would like to keep living, so we’ve opted to keep it cool. I thought I would post pictures of the inside of our place finally, since we did a deep cleaning and it was so nice and organized.

Yes, two sinks in the bathroom! Sooo, nice to have!

What does one do with time to spare? They begin to think about their hair!  Amy came down to visit us the other night and I began to voice some idea’s I was having about my more than unruly hair.  I was contemplating either cutting my hair super short where a razor may be involved or perming it and letting it go crazy poufy.  Being in the humidity and having super thick hair has made it seem very heavy; I was just ready for a change. I told Mitch I would let him cut my hair if he wanted, and he was willing to try and thin it out for me.

Don’t mess with the Zeebhan

To my and Amy’s surprise, the hubby is a natural.

The end results

Yes, he cut and thinned out my hair, and the next day painted my toenails.  Oh and he  fixed that leak in papa’s camper! It was the screws in the fridge cover that weren’t sealed well enough. Now we don’t have to hurry to a dealer and papa can sleep soundly without dripping water on his head!

rusted screw from water build up in fridge cover

Yahoo..I don’t mean to rub it in to you ladies who’s husbands don’t do hair, nails and handyman stuff, your guys probably have their awesome points as well, but seriously my man ROCKS!

We hope that you all have a wonderful, love filled, blessed Thanksgiving. May your bellies be full, spirits be lifted and your kindness overflow to create a happiness bubble that encompasses all who you encounter today and everyday that follows.



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