Moving Out and Moving On

Things are starting to finally fall into place.  Our closet’s are empty and the “Way” (our trailers name) is way full of clothes. All our dressers are sold, and the house is beginning to feel cleared out.  Our plan is to finish cleaning the house on Tuesday (today!) and Wednesday, then our renters will be moving in on Thursday. Just in time, as  the weather is getting cooler by the day!  We had as super strong storm last week, so strong it blew down large portions of two of our neighbors trees, right onto their front porch, along with a power line.


Our neighbors house from the storm

Fortunately everyone was safe, unfortunately days later no one has been home and the trees are still where they landed.  What an unusual night it was when the storm came in, there was no breeze, complete silence in the night and it was a warm comfortable temperature. I had been on the phone with Mitch when I hear what sounded like wind through the large pine trees across the street. Caught off guard because I hadn’t felt any wind, I look to my right and see a brown glow around the library light and the trees are being tousled around like seaweed in the ocean. Still, I feel no wind, I look to my left and see the same sight. How odd this experience was, as I stand outside, my instincts tell me this is no ordinary wind storm, and in that moment one large brown maple leaf dances down in front of me as it seemed to say I am your calm before the storm.  Seconds later I finally felt the wind, and a fear of the wind came over me, something I have never experienced before. Rightfully  so as the results would prove as the power in that storm showed us how helpless one is when nature takes her way.  All the while, on the phone with Mitch all I could say was, oh my! Oh, wow! Oh my! Wow!  We said our goodbyes and I began to pace and panic just as bad as the dogs when a lightening storm comes, should I wake dad, what if a tree falls on the house? Where is the safest place? Oh my! I ran in, closed all the windows, papa woke up, and  we both just listened as large branches pounded against  the house and the wind ripped through every available crack an crevasse in our old strong house. When the wind died down, a fire truck arrived and that’s when we heard of the power line down and our neighbors experience.  It was now at least 25 degrees cooler than just an hour ago, and what a mess had been made. Mitch being so wonderful, spent his entire next morning with papa’s help cleaning up our yard, making multiple trips to recycling with all the branches. Amazingly, there was not a single leaf on the trailer or camper!


some of the branches in our yard from the storm
Mitch recently put pressure gauges in Willy, a good precautionary tool for haulers, as we have learned.  We now have a transmission pressure gauge, an EGT and a boost gauge… Ask me what they each do and I’ll tell you, ummm they monitor stuff. I will work on learning more about them in the future.
Mitch putting  in the gauges
Mitch putting in the gauges
 I am just so grateful that Mitch and I compliment each other in regards to strong points and weak spots, it really makes us a great team in life. As we come closer to our new adventure excitement and anticipation are building. Papa has everything he can already in the camper, we are close behind and are feeling good about our progress. Our plan is to start our new adventure Sunday the 29th, just gonna camp out in our driveway for a few days before we go, finishing up work and tying up loose ends. Then it’s away we go!!


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5 thoughts on “Moving Out and Moving On

  1. Wasn’t that windstorm crazy! It came with a whole lot of dust in the front. It was a nice warm night too, I also had my windows open enjoying the night air. I got dust on everything… Sounds like things are falling in to place! This is getting exciting, huh? You forgot to mention your goodbye party Saturday night! hahaha… =)

      1. Oh darn! We missed the sombrero… Next time. We’ll meet again, and when we do, it’ll be at Baja! =)

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