Two Sense Worth

I thought I would add my 2 cents to our blog since my beautiful wife generally does all the writing. It has been a stressful, uncertain, not knowing kind of roller coaster ride to get where we are at this moment and I will be glad when it happens. Trying to juggle work, house projects and moving into the unknown has made it very challenging. I often tell my friends at work what a joy it will be when we hit the road and how nice it will be to not worry about time while traveling, and I can only think of how time can consume ones mind. Time to get from here or there, making it on time for appointments, and to work, always rushed and needing to be somewhere, at a specific time. It will be a blessing to not have to watch the clock, (yet funny thing is that our truck doesn’t have a built in clock so my darling wife found one recently) and for what; to know the time.


Our lives always seem to revolve around time and to have that time to accomplish your goal, dreams or desires is almost unheard of. To get into a frame of mind that time won’t much matter will be quite an adjustment, but an adjustment worth striving for. I am naturally a fast person, fast at walking, fast at working, fast at eating and fast at the pedal, so to slow down and smell the roses will be an amazing thing. Have you ever just stopped and taken the time to smell the roses as you pass by them at Costco or Walmart, or slow down to see the forest only to forget to enjoy the trees? My wife stops at the flower bouquets almost every time, and I have leaned to do this as well.


I challenge you to try it and take that moment, ( all of 3 seconds) to stop and smell the roses, and endure the moment of stopping in your tracks to enjoy just one of Gods greatest gifts; the sense of smell or simply marvel at the beauty of the trees.


Our lives are driven by time, whether its not having enough of it, or taking to much of it to get things done. In order for me to be with my wife when she is working, I have to get up with her at 5am to visit with her or she has to stay awake until 10pm to visit with me. It is an undesirable position to be in due to our schedules, the lack of  time to not be with my loving wife and best friend is a tough path that I will not have to endure ever again. The time you get to spend with your significant other is what I cherish most and without that time I would be a lost puppy! And for all the fellas out there that are reading this blog, please cherish your wives, they are more of an amazing blessing than u might think! Honor them and show them what love is.

big tree

So to wrap it up, don’t let time define you, take the time to slow down, smell the roses, enjoy the trees and devote your time to the one you love, for life and love is all of what you make of it!



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One thought on “Two Sense Worth

  1. I agree with you Mitch. Love and honor your signicsnt other and spend time with them while u can. I am happy for you and your adventure.


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