Away We Go

We are finally official full-timers!


Tired, freezing and hopeful before our travels.

Blessed with a wonderful send off from my Post Office people, and Mitch’s AHCC peeps who gave us lots of love, support and best wishes, they also gave us Subway and Starbucks gift cards! Thanks again for that!  We will really miss all the great people of our Medical Lake life, and we hope to keep in touch. Thanks  to Cherie and Dale for letting us use the house after they had moved in! So glad we had that time to hang out. After taking an extra day to organize, making multiple trips to storage and enduring 25-35 mph winds with super cold weather we finally headed out around 6:30 pm on Monday, Sept 30th. Now, keep in mind this is the first time we have hooked up Way (our trailer) let alone hauling it with Willy (the truck and camper) No time like crunch time!  


hooking up Willy and Way

Before heading out we held hands and said a prayer of thanks and safe travels. Off we went, out of town straight to the Petro/Iron Skillet fuel station to check our weight.  Before checking the weight, we decided to double check our tire pressure, 4 dollars, 45 minutes, a busted pressure gauge and full bellies of subway (I recommend the buffalo chicken sub!)  we still weren’t set to go. Oh, the adventures begin! I had mentioned to Mitch that we just stay at the gas station for the night, and would have bet money he wouldn’t be up for it, knowing how excited he was to hit the open road. Surprisingly, he brought up staying for the night a while later. It’s was windy, cold and that was all ok because we had made it this far (a whole 5 miles from home). Papa, unable to convince him otherwise, slept in the back of the truck. we kept the slides in, so Charlie whined a bit more than usual and we decided to rough it as well and didn’t turn on our heat. Our first day as full-timers and we’re boondocking! Thankfully all those blankets I really wanted bring just because they’re soft and fuzzy came in handy! After a pretty good nights sleep, besides any tossing and turning, resulting in an instant freezing sensation from the cold sheets.  As morning came and a new day was upon us we were raring to go, of course after we finish checking the tire pressure and weighing our ride.   We thought, ok, it may take 20 minutes, especially after Mitch bought a heavy duty truck tire pressure gauge that hopefully wont break. Two more dollars for air, and finally on the last tire, I squat down to unscrew the cap and the tread looked weird and uneven. Huh? I show Mitch and he said,  ‘that is not good, we gotta get it checked out. Airway Heights Les Schwab here we come. We did finally get that weigh in, a svelte 20,020 lbs. now that is with 2/3 fresh water, a full tank of gas and papa’s belly was full!  Once arriving at Les Schwab it only took them 10 minutes to show us what we had encountered… A separated tube and a huge tire zit!

oh, trouble awaits in this guy!

We thanked God that this happened when it did,and not a blow out on the freeway! Being that the tires were original, and the gentleman we bought it from recommended having them replaced  because they were not of good quality as the RV industry puts the cheapest tires on new RV’s! We opted for four new ones.  Cost of tires -$620.00,  peace of mind -priceless! Thankfully, we also made a new friend, Jason at Les Schwab who also has a trailer, and gave us many tips to use along our way.  An hour later, the dogs well walked, new tires, dumped our fresh water, (at Les Schwab), payed  and asked Sandy if we could get some kind of punch card for being such frequent customers ( just got new tires on Willy last week for a good chunk of change!) and getting our last coffee at On Alert we were for REAL on our way!!  We all said Wahoo, goinroadtrippin!!! And off we went! 

The beautiful open road to Yakima, WA-26
Hey dad, I am not a back seat driver, i just want to nap!

We made it to Yakima Sportsman State Park, beautiful, peaceful, with a kind gentleman at the front desk and a wonderful (back in space)number 32 we sit outside, not a hint of wind, cool fall weather, Mitch reading Willy and Ways manuals while I sit in my reclining lounge umbrella chair, milo on my lap keeping me warm, Charlie laying between us, papa watching a movie in his own little home. Aaaahhhhh, this is the life!

What? Who? Me!?

Thanks to all our friends, family and followers for your support and encouragement through our times of trial, frustration, happiness and flat out challenging experiences to get to where we are right now!



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7 thoughts on “Away We Go

  1. I am a trip stalker and plan to travel with you via your postings. May you have a safe and amazing journey. Be well and may your traveling angels surround you above, below, beside, and all around. May they clear your path ahead and that you meet all those people along your path that you can change their lives and they can enhance yours along your way. BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yea! You’re on the road! I loved your departing email at work! All was so true! Have a safe and adventurous trip! Donna

  3. It’s wonderful to see you folks enjoying the adventures of hitting the open road! I often sit back and day-dream about doing the same thing. What your doing is something that I’ve always thought of doing as well. Anyway, I’m happy that all is going well. I’ll be in touch. Stay warm, stay safe, and God bless to all of you.

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