The Final Countdown

Only 21 days and we are onto a whole new way of life! Crossing our ‘i’s” (literally) and dotting our t’s, we seem to be running in circles trying to get everything in order before we become fulltime rv’ers. With a thousand and one things to do before we hit the open road, blessed with full work schedules for the last few weeks and cleaning the house top to bottom, we are busy as ants trying to rebuild their home after a bully walked along and kicked their hill. We knocked a few pressing issues off our list last week when we got a bike rack, a cargo rack and a couple of much needed generators.

bike rack photo

Being that Mitch and I are on different schedules we have been list buddies, writing things down and taking turns marking them off. Our moto lately has been, nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and we are dreaming of the days when things become less challenging and we begin to reap our rewards, like making dinners together!
Mitch moved in most of his clothes to our trailer last week, took a second look and began to downsize once again, I am really glad he went first, I’ll downsize mine again before taking anything out! Our focus has also been on the fridge and how different it will be, no more frozen bread as back up, Costco chicken nuggets and bulk orders of hamburger. Our hope is that we will have a healthier way of eating, with more frequent trips to the store and fresh produce that we actually eat, and don’t just let sit in the fridge.

I keep reminding myself that some of the best times in my life were when I was a child, living on the cut off in Collbran, Colorado, we had a two seater out house, (one was a padded bright pink seat I recall so vividly) no water or electricity. There were a few months we lived on the Colorado river near Rifle, catching fish,  bathing in the river and picking up cans to make a few extra dollars.  My mother was a no nonsense, we will make it work kind of woman, who never sought pity or a handout.  With that attitude, we all made due with what we had and I believe I am now a better person for it.  I remember the first time I saw asparagus in the grocery store and the amount of money they were selling it for. I was beyond shocked,  I had always thought it was poor people food because it grew wild on the side of the road where we lived and it was one of our staples. I know I digress, but as we are on the verge of this life change, I want to take this time to thank my mom for all the blessings of hardships we endured. It’ll be ten years on the 11th since she lost her battle with cancer and went to be with The Lord. Every day the lessons she taught me, more by actions than words, has made me who I am today. Thank you mom, for you, your strength, your will, your determination and your ability to rise from any occasion with grace, dignity and unwavering character. I truly appreciate that you were first my mother, and later in life, my friend. You are loved and missed!



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2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. I lost my father in 2002 to cancer and my mother in 2008. To this day, I find myself talking to them whenever I get a few moments alone. Both my parents worked hard for us and we worked hard for everything we had. They were my foundation for life and I am grateful to this day for everything they taught me.

    You folks are embarking on a journey that many wish they could undertake as we speak. Even I dream of going down the road, seeing the sites, enjoying the scenes, and living a free life…..a life without the everyday hustle and bustle we encounter. Road trips are great and i’m sure you folks are going to enjoy every minute of it.

    Good luck in your future endeavors and be safe in your journey. Zeeb, it’s been a pleasure meeting and working with you. May the good Lord bless all of you and watch over you.

    Jesse Camacho

    1. Hey Jesse, thanks so much for reading or blog and commenting. I truely hope to see you on the road somewhere, so we get a chance to catch up. Due to schedules, I never se you and would like the opportunity to know you better. You are an inspiration and i honestly feel that God has great blessing in store for you! Take care my friend, I will see you before I go! Mitch

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