Happy Campers

We now have our truck, trailer and camper!

Willy’s ready to go

Tuesday the 6th of august We had a appointment in Everett to get papa’s camplite camper.  Mitch talked to the mechanic about our truck the Friday before and he said they would have it done by Monday even if they had to work on it over the weekend. They did just that, and we picked up Willy (the truck) right after they finished, which was a little after 9 pm. After going to Walmart for an air filter, packing up a few things for our first overnight excursion and watching the finale of Bachelorette while enjoying some Taco Bell, we got to bed around midnight. I was asleep in about two minutes, unfortunately Mitch’s mind was going a mile a minute  and he didn’t catch a wink of sleep.  Around 3 a.m. he decided to wash the truck and load up our stuff, always ahead of the game. I myself am usually 10 steps behind, thankfully we even each other out. We left the house at 5 in the morning and made it to apache camping center in Everett at 10, with 30 minutes to spare for our appt.

Sunrise in our rear view mirror on way to Everett

We got our first look at the camper after buying it sight unseen, it is beautiful, sleek and simple. Our experience at Apache was the best ever! They were friendly, personable, accommodating, professional and awesome! They made us feel special and important from beginning to end. We added a few things while we were there and wanted a couple things changed, next thing you know, it was getting done. After we learned the tricks of the trade and how it all worked we were off in our beautiful new set up. Thank you Don, Phil, Cindy, Noel, Jeff and Terry!!

Phil (center stage) and Noel (in the shade) while they are working on our camper

We decided to try out the camper for the night at Wenberg County Park, it was only 20 miles from Everett but with traffic it took 45 minutes. About 5 miles before our destination we encountered a massive hill, and Willy made it no problem.  Our stay was really nice, especially after realizing when we plugged in, that we needed to flip a switch to get power,  no wonder the air conditioning wasn’t working.

Willy’s first time at the campsite

We walked down to the lake and watched the sunset, and just soaked up what will soon be our life.

Sunset at Wenberg County Park

After getting a much needed good nights sleep and taking a walk in the morning we got ready to head home. Loading up and going was a much simpler process than we anticipated, especially since we left the camper on the truck. As we drove home, both of us lost in thought, we see a slender framed, white haired man standing on the side of the road with his thumb out. As we pass him (always weary of picking up hitch hikers now a days) we realize it’s our neighbor!  He’d been standing on the side of the road for 3 hours when we came along. What a blessing we happened upon him when we did, it was 93 degrees and at the age of 65 wearing a black jacket and black pants he was not in very good shape when he crawled in the back seat. We had a pleasant rest of the way home as our weary traveler filled us in on all his adventures after drinking some much needed water.

Once we arrived at home, Papa, who held down the fort while we were gone gave us a great surprise, as he had paid Wayne to finish the side of the house that we had scraped the other day! Yippee papa and Wayne! What a load off our shoulders, now we can work on the front and finally be done with the outside paint project. What a wonderful ending to a great weekend, we are looking forward to experiencing all kinds of adventures in our new way of life.




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