Downsizing and Revising Continued

We now have less than 2 months before we are going to be officially full timing in our RV. We’ve had 3 yard sales, given away boxes of clothes, had family take special items for safe keeping and still the house seems like we’ve barely made a dent. We thought after our last sale that we were done, until we took a second look. Darn those drawers, forgotten items under the bed, in the closet, the spare room, the cabinets in the garage and all those things that hold our things. Looks like we’ll be have another sale soon. Mitch and I do our best work with a deadline, so it’s nose to the grindstone from now until we leave.

All smiles before getting to work
All smiles before getting to work

A little side note, I still haven’t been able to get down to a feasible amount of clothing or shoes. Right now I am at 24 pair of shoes, my goal is 10. After reading many posts  people manage with 5 or less, I admire that, but will shoot for 10. In regards to my clothes, I’ve decided to store some and when we come back this way I will go shopping in our shed and trade them out over time. Being that it has taken me years to find clothes that I really like ( mainly cold weather  clothing), and that they don’t have any real resale value it’s not worth selling or trying to find them again down the road. Maybe my perspective will change in time, but for now that’s my plan.

Onto  the revising, when we bought our 1906 home it was in dire need of remodeling. We pulled up our sleeves, pulled out the pocket book and moved in 3 months later. Now that was some work!  There was no insulation, walls of lath and plaster, old busted pipes and other big issues; one of those was that the bank wouldn’t loan on it with paint peeling. In a time crunch during the cold season we pressure washed and painted it within a week, knowing we would need to redo it in the future. So now its the past’s future and we are in the process of completing that task. After scraping paint for hours on end , we got to enjoy the end result last week when we did some painting. there is still more of the house to do but being the size it is, we are doing it in stages. Luckily, our neighbor Wayne came over and worked with us all day long.  Papa got us lunch and pitched in when he could, it was a super productive day.

Mitch and Wayne having a scrappy good time
Mitch and Wayne having a scrappy good time

We are planning to have a get together for our friends and coworkers after the last yard sale with a take what you want, donate what you can party.   And of course what is left will be donated or given away. I have an aversion to throwing things away, always thinking that there has got to be someone who could use whatever it is, I mean who couldn’t go for some glow in the dark nail polish!

In other news Charlie our Golden Retriever went to visit the vet because of a limp. Come to find out it’s arthritis, and we can help  manage it with natural supplements and weight loss.

Hey, they say the camera adds 10 lbs!
Hey now, they say the camera adds 10 lbs. You’re gonna give me a complex

I have always had free  feeding dogs, so when people would mention how big Charlie was it didn’t dawn on me that we fed him too much. I just thought he was a big dog. ooops.  Mitch, papa and I would randomly fill up his dish when we saw he was out. We now have him on a feeding schedule and he has taken it in stride. It seems as if he’s already shed a few pounds and his limp has gotten better. He just can’t run when we go on our walks until he gets better. You could say he’s on his own downsizing mission.



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