April showers bring daffodil flowers, and many people to our yard sale!

imageAfter 6 full days of cleaning, pricing, organizing and stresserizing we had our sale. Half of the day on Thursday Mitch and Eli put up tarps because the forecast called for lightning and buckets of rainfall. Friday came and the tarps were like  toilet paper going down the drain, flopping around with the current. After sections of the rope gave way, we gave in and took it all down. We prayed about it, let the worry go and went with the flow. We set up throughout the house, left things in the yard that could get wet and utilized garage. Saturday came and so did the people, and the rain…. Not so much! Thank the good Lord for making it such a great day in every way! Cindy was such a big help, rearranging things, making sure they were visible and just being her great self. It was laid back, but busy. We made a good dent in thinning out our belongings and put the proceeds in our RV savings!



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