Papa’s Boondocking Birthday and Yellin in Yuma

On our journey back west we decided to stop and enjoy the warm Yuma weather.

up on a mountain top
up on a mountain top

Oh, so liberating it’s been to and stay on BLM land away from the masses.  We found this place thanks to Nina, and her website

We arrived Monday evening, with the sun setting and daylight fading, we didn’t find the most optimal location initially.
The full moon in the distance
The full moon in the distance
After a few days of scouting out the land we found our own private spot and resettled yesterday.  With no other RV in sight,  we can yell out into the universe as loud as we want without having to worry about bothering the neighbors!
It get really windy out here, especially on top of a mountain
It gets really windy out here, especially on top of a mountain. Yes, that’s my hair blowing sideways!
 Our goal is to stay out here for the allowed 14 days of free camping without running out of water or having to dump. It’s a lofty goal since we usually only last 5 days, but no one says we can’t strive for it!
You go left and I'll go right
You go left and I’ll go right
Since we’ve arrived we found gold, which turned out to be fools gold. We found a meteorite, and felt like Joe Dirt, ” me and you meteor!” And like Joe Dirt it wasn’t a meteor, but thankfully it wasn’t a peanut speckled ball of airplane poo.  It’s just a rock that caught our attention because we thought it was dog poo!
can you spot the "meteor" in my pretty rock collection
can you spot the “meteor” in my pretty rock collection
But the things we have found is the freedom to sing as loud as we want from the tallest mountain,
wear whatever strikes our fancy,
Wow dad, that desert sun has gotten to you!  Says Mr. Milo from bottom left
Wow dad, that desert sun has gotten to you! Says Mr. Milo from bottom left 


and the sense of wonderment that flowers are blooming here in the desert in January!


 Papa turned 73 on Thursday, we made him carrot cake cupcakes and his favorite dinner; burritos.

Happy, happy Pappy!
The search continues for all the precious metals and out of this world treasures, but we’ve found our true treasure!
Wide open space and the calming effect of solitude.
So as I send this post off into the cosmic world of cyber space I am soaking up the sunset for everyone who may be in colder climates and want to have a desert reprieve.

Awesome Arizona

Tucson Sunet
Tucson Sunset

We’ve finally made it to a place where the weather is just right.  Ahhhh.  It only took months to find, and now that we’re here, we’re leaving on Monday.  Why you ask. Well, we’ve been diagnosed with a disease  known as “the once-sees”  Once we get to where we want to be,  and once we’ve experienced what we wanted, we are ready to move on.  It’s a difficult but curable disease , only with the right amount of a little bit of everything, and all things just right. Ok, so I am just poking fun at ourselves and how silly we are about things sometimes. Currently our plan is to go West, see the sis and head up the 101 from there and experience some of natures awesomeness that occurs in February and March.

Sunset in Tucson
Sunset in Tucson
The same sunset hitting the mountains to the east
The same sunset hitting the mountains to the east

Thursday we decided to head southeast to experience the Old West!  We first stopped into Bisbee, AZ, a town known for eclectic art, and a stair system that runs through the town that would put any legs to work.

Bisbee, AZ
Bisbee, AZ
Bisbee Post Office
Bisbee Post Office
Art on a wall in town
Art on a wall in town
drawing about the great stair climb that happens annually on the 3rd saturday in october

We weren’t in Bisbee very long, as we wanted to get to Tombstone and see the reenacted gun fight at the O.K. Corral.

Before you get into the heart of town, right on the highway you can see this sign
Before you get into the heart of town, right on the highway you can see this sign
Tombstone City Hall

I was under the impression that they did a little skit out in the middle of the street at 2 pm daily, come 2 o’clock  the actors were just standing in the street  and I though it was going down any minute, then they head into a building…what?  We follow them in and find out it costs $10 a person to see a half our show about the gunfight.

The heart of Tombstone AZ
The heart of Tombstone AZ

We decided when in Tombstone, why not.  It was entertaining, with some funny parts, like when the drunk bad guy says, “You have till the count of potato to get out here” but the guns, although shooting blanks were very loud.

Papa wasn't in the show, but got to get his pic with the actors afterwards
Papa got his pic with the actors after the show
This is the display of where everyone was standing when it all went down
This is a display with manquins where everyone was standing when it all went down

We had a real nice time soaking up the history and we became outlaws ourselves!



We also ran into Wyatt Earp after the show downtown and he just kept hounding Mitch to take a picture with him, so finally we gave in, ha ha.  You can tell how excited he is by the expression on his face.

Wyatt  around town between shows
Wyatt around town between shows
The dancing man had great charisma
The dancing man on the street had great charm

This week we also took the dogs for a hike on the outskirts of Tucson where there is boondocking available.

View from the top of the BLM land outside Tucson
View from the top of the BLM land outside Tucson

Yesterday we decided to give the dogs baths at a do it yourself dog wash place called the Dirty Dawgs in Tucson. It was really clean, super nice lady and the shampoo is all natural.

Milo getting his cuttie rest
Milo getting his cutie rest

The dogs smell so good, it’s a nice change to give them kisses and not have to hold my breath .  Boy did they need it after the month of wet, stinky mud in mississippi!

5 States, 4 Days and 2 Crazy Stories

As we journeyed back towards the vast openness of the desert, we soaked up the variety of landscapes along our way.

View from interstate in Louisiana
View from I-10 in Louisiana

Having traveled about 1,450 miles in four days We’ve also experienced a few things that are worth sharing.

Bridge near Baton Rouge
Bridge near Baton Rouge

There are some stories in life that when you hear them, you kinda wish you hadn’t, and it’s a visual that will stick in the back of your mind for the rest of your days. This will be one of those stories. Our first stop after pulling out of Bay Hide Away in Mississippi was a Burger King near Slidell, Louisiana.  It was very busy, papa and I put in our order, filled up our sodas, got the necessary condiments  and  stood near a table waiting. There were four orders before us, and people were just standing around waiting to hear their number called.  I look around, soaking up my surroundings, lost in thought hoping Mitch would like the power-ade flavor I chose for him.  Suddenly, I am brought back into the moment when the woman in front of me, wearing a bright pink shirt has a brown dot scurry across her back!  I think to myself, “no… That couldn’t have been…no way, not on her back!” I take a step towards her, and there it is, at the nape of her neck, a COCKROACH in her hair! I approach her and say,” excuse me, you have a bug in your hair. It’s right by your ear. Do you want me to get it out?” She turns and looks at me, says, “huh?” and seems unfazed.  I say again ,”a bug, in your hair, bug. Can I touch you to get it out of your hair? It’s right there. A BUG! ” she seems confused, finally I can’t  stand watching it crawl around in her hair any longer and I just flick it out. As it flies from her hair towards the soda fountain area it lands on the ground and darts under the counter.  I am so consumed with the yucks, and was trying so hard not to scream out, “cockroach in your hair!” I didn’t realize for a few minutes that either she didn’t speak an ounce of English or was so used to them being on her that it wasn’t a big deal. The rest of the time while we waited I was on high alert, looking for more to crawl out from her hair, or did it fall on her from the ceiling, crawl up her pant leg when she came in? Which was it? The restaurant or the girl? Either way i was totally bugged out. I ended up telling someone behind the counter about the occurrence. I felt they needed to know that there was a cockroach on the loose, whether it was originally theirs or hers, it would now be their problem. Needless to say, my burger was tainted from the experience and it took some real self encouragement to get lunch down.

Sunset on our first night's drive towards Texas
Sunset on our first night’s drive towards Texas
Sunrise at Chevron in Junction, TX
Sunrise at the Chevron in Junction, TX

Hundreds of miles later, a quick visit with Amy’s dad in San Antonio, two nights of sleeping at different truck stops along the I-10 we arrived at fort Stockton, TX. We filled up on gas at the best price we could find using our handy dandy gas buddy app. While we were at the gas station I went into the trailer to make us sandwiches, papa did his usual searching around the parking lot looking for change while Mitch took the dogs for a walk.  We’ve seen plenty of trash, every sized dog poop there is and the occasion rotten food scattered through out the land during our walks with the dogs, but Mitch’s find in Fort Stockton is a first.  He came across two completely enacted crack pipes and a handmade foil pipe.

photo 1
Maybe the person that left them give up that life! Let’s hope.
photo 3
This was taken before they got destroyed

photo 4

I’ve never actually seen one before, unless it was on TV or in a movie.  So as to ensure that they wouldn’t be of any use, and others may not be harmed they were destroyed and disposed of.  Again, another first for our travels, and hopefully the last time we encounter those things!

El Paso, TX
El Paso, TX

We’ve made it to Tucson, AZ and are staying at Whispering Palms for week. Papa talked us into going out for breakfast this morning, so I googled best breakfast in Tucson, AZ and they did not disappoint.  We went to a place called Bobo’s Restaurant.   It was by far the best breakfast we’ve had since we started traveling, and probably one of the best breakfast places ever!! If you are ever in Tucson, it’s a must eat!!!! Their pancakes are yummy and ginormous!! I myself had a BLT and loved every bite, including the fries! plus a few bites of the guys omelettes, which were superb.

Yummy Yummy Bobo's Restaurant!
Yummy Yummy Bobo’s Restaurant!
It's not fancy, but it's fabulous!
It’s not fancy, but it’s fabulous!

The best mexican food we’ve had was just the other day in Las Cruces, New Mexico called Si Señor! They have four different dips for your tortilla chips all of which are fabulous and our meals were so delicious, even their Sopapillas! If you’re ever in Las Cruces, hope you stop by, try them out and say hi to Victor. We stopped in before our sleepover at the Las Cruces Pilot.

The guys with our great waiter at Si Señor
The guys with our waiter Victor
Mitch said they are the best mexican restaurant he's ever eaten at!
Mitch says Si Señor is the best mexican restaurant he’s ever eaten at!
In front of Si Señor Restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico
In front of Si Señor Restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Happy New Year!

As the clock hit midnight, we watched the time change and rung in the New Year with the humming of our Sonicare toothbrushes and the all too common pitter pat of rain on the roof. Yes, we made it till midnight, not without some snacking, dozing off a couple times and the dogs pacing back and forth from the sound of fireworks.

We made the most of our last day of 2013, leaving the house at 8 a.m. on December 31 to experience Pensacola, Florida. What better way to spend the last day of the year than adding two more states to the list that we’ve visited this year? Alabama -√ , Florida-√ .

Papa in Florida and Alabama at the same time

Michele told us about this famous location called The Flora~Bama Bar, that would be our first destination.  The writing was on the walls when we arrived.  Literally, everywhere there was writing on the walls!

It would take days to read all the writing on the walls

There was also Bra’s hanging on a wire from end to end in this bar, Victoria’s Secret could probably start a store there with how many are hanging around.

Who knew there were Bra-nners out there like this

Mitch and I went and walked on the beach for a few minutes, unable to truly enjoy the white soft sandy beach because it was so windy, and cold.

We had the beach to ourselves, but didn’t partake of the lounging due to weather

Unfortunately, my theory about the south being warm for the winter has been way off. It has been rainy, cloudy and cool for 77% of the time.  Yes, I calculated it with hard data, charts and graphs to get that percentage (no I didn’t! I am guessing. But it seems like it.)

Our next destination of the day was the Pensacola Lighthouse.

Pensacola Light House

Who knew it was on the Pensacola Naval Base?! To our surprise they have quite a few things on the base that civilians are allowed to visit.  The lighthouse history was fascinating and supposedly has its own ghost. Ghost hunters, the TV show did an episode about it.


There are 177 steep, somewhat scary stairs to go up to reach the top, and once you are outside, on the catwalk the wind is howling.

Papa went up one flight, to the little room they had off to the side and watched the video about Ghost Hunters
photo 2
Look who’s down below

When we made it back down, we had legs of jello for the next hour.

photo 1
Can you say STEEP!
The inside of the “lamp”. It has to move continuously or will light things afire
the few final steps to the top

The cost to tour the lighthouse ranges from 4-6 dollars.

my darlin husband waiting for me on the way down
my darlin husband waiting for me on the way down
The guys in front of the lighthouse building

To our surprise it was free to go to the National Naval Aviation Museum that was across the street. There’s so much to see and learn about at the Museum.

The Naval Museum in Pensacola
photo 4
The Blue Angels plane

It was massive.  I got lost twice trying to find Dad, who got lost and didn’t have his phone on him and Mitch was waiting for us both times.

one of the many planes inside the huge hanger of the museum

We decided to have lunch at the deli they had inside.  It was good food, but not enough for what it cost.

photo 3
More planes!

The drive took 2 ½ hours one way, so we realized we had better start heading home since we had a party to get to at 7:30. Beautiful Bay Hide Away’s New Years Eve Bash!

Yes, that’s are real fire, oh so warm and inviting

We had a great time getting to know some new folks, ate some yummy snacks and counted down to the New Year for other parts of the world, like Puerto Rico and San Juan.

The happy cute couple from New York

It’s been established with years past that nobody makes it till midnight here, so the celebration and countdown is on each hour we’re all together.

So adorable she is! Festive and fabulous Michele

We rang in the New Year at 8, 9 and 10 o’clock, and by 10:30 we were all heading home.

Our time’s up for us here at Bay Hide Away on the 3rd of January, and our plan is to head back to the desert, dryer and warmer weather.  We had initially planned to go further east, but based on weather, we are going to high tale it back west.  I don’t know if I can explain how wet it’s been around these parts.

Water that won’t soak in

Did I tell you that my Milk duds are wet from this humidity?  It’s like someone took each dud, licked it and put it back in the box!  Papa’s camper is leaking again, and with all this rain and cool weather patching it is a challenge. It’s so wet here; there’s seaweed in the grass.

Seaweed amuck in the grass

I ‘m grateful for the rain in the aspect that it slowed us down and we really relaxed!  Everyone needs nothing to do sometimes! We’re so thankful for this experience, and the wonderful people here! I feel as if we’ve made lifelong friends and are better people for having gotten to know these folks.

Joe and Michele served up a traditional southern New Year’s Day meal for everyone to enjoy today.  It’s meant to bring property, health and wealth! We ate everything on our plate, no point in passing up good fortune and it was delicious fixings! Thanks so much you two, for everything!

What will this New Year bring?

Hey hey its a party!

Only time will tell. Our options are endless, as are yours.  The beginning of last year this idea of traveling the country was just a fleeting almost impossible dream, and then we made it happen.  It’s the action that’s taken to follow a  dream, to make it come true.  Don’t wait for it to come to you! Get out there and make it happen. We hope that whatever your dreams may be, you take yourself out of your way and seize the day, and don’t forget to pray!