A Whole New World

I’m now at a place in my life where I can go to a restaurant, ask for a table for one and not feel self-conscious. What a wonderful feeling! I couldn’t say if it’s maturity, finally not caring what others may think or the fact that with a slower metabolism at 40, so comes a newfound self-confidence?I went out to a restaurant by myself in my early 20’s and felt like a water buffalo in a birdbath. I tried again when I turned 30, which resulted in an internal argument of awkward suffrage that’s still indescribable.

La Cabana in Post Falls
La Cabana in Post Falls

If I were to be honest about what it really is, it’s the fact that the first two times I was lonely and alone in my life, and I projected that into my experience. Now, thankfully I have unconditional love and acceptance from my husband and it’s given me great self-esteem and worth. What a blessing to be married to my best friend!

The BEST chips and salsa around at La Cabana in Post falls
The BEST chips and salsa around is La Cabana in Post falls!  A must go to if you’re in town!

X-BOX 360

For the last 5 years I’ve wanted to get a Wii with the interactive sports, and it all just seemed so fun. After talking with a gal at our local grocery store, hearing how she’s lost 70 lbs using the zumba fit on her Wii Fit, I was ready to just go get one. Mitch had heard that the X-Box 360 with Kinect was more advanced and you don’t have to hold controllers. So, on Black Friday we went on the hunt! Not only did we get the X-Box 360 with Kinect it also had interactive games with it.

My favorite racing game is Sonic All star racing transformed!


We played football, golf, baseball, tennis and skiing that first night, funny enough we were both sore the next day. Since then we’ve created a new level to our relationship that involves video games! Who knew they were so much fun! Happy, happy quality couple time during the cold winter days.


Pinot’s Palette


This is great way to spend quality time with friends or your significant other ( it has a bar so everyone must be over 21)


We’ve found the joy of painting lately by watching none other than Mr. Bob Ross. What an amazing man! After watching him a couple times on TV, he inspired us to sign up for a class at Pinot’s Palette.

Fancy says, “beep, beep” good times


We were the first to arrive for the class, as Mitch is never early, he’s early for early. We got to know both Mitch (short for Michele) the bar tender and Heather, the class instructor. Once others arrived, glasses filled with mimosas’ or wine, we all took our seats, and Heather got us started with the background.

Let’s get this painting party started already.


We started wth up and down strokes of watered down acrylic blue, then our next color was to be green applied with side-to-side strokes. We were all concentrating on our own work when the lady on the right of Mitch says, “hey, you’re getting your paint all over my canvas!” We look over to see what she’s talking about, and there across her whole canvas were speckled green dots from Mitch’s brush. Mitch was super apologetic about his overzealous painting technique and I couldn’t stop laughing. Then Mitch began to tell me about how he was hearing Bob Ross in his head about it being his own world and was just letting his creativity out. Then I really couldn’t stop laughing. The rest of time, Mitch was able to keep his paint on his own canvas and we had a wonderful experience.

Mitch's masterpiece
Mitch’s masterpiece

We plan to go again and maybe get our own paints and take more classes.

Papa was happy to hang my artwork in his place
Papa was happy to hang my artwork in his place

More happy happy quality couple time for these cold winter days! Wahoo.

I added a frog to one of the lilies, just a little wink to my mom


Hope everyone has good quality time planned with loved ones this winter season!  Maybe you’ll even try one of our experiences.





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