My Great-Full Life

You ever have those times in life when things aren’t really going your way, but you couldn’t be more grateful? If not, change your perspective.

Put your problems into perspective

Try finding the good in every situation, especially if you are stuck in rut and things aren’t they way you want them to be. My acid reflux kept me awake for hours last night, led to me thinking up this catchy title to my post, got me out of bed to write it and gave me some much needed clarity.


One idea, one thought, one suggestion… it’s amazing how one person can help change another’s life just by having a conversation. I would like to thank my friend Alice for giving me heartburn so I could write this post! What? You say. All right, so the story goes; during our travels I was introduced to this horrible discomfort they call acid reflux and was given Ranitidine. I would take it sporadically, as needed, but usually after hours of suffering, as I would try to let it pass on its own. During this time, our dogs got fleas and we were traveling in humid climates, so the random red dots that appeared on my legs weren’t much of a concern. Once we got home, my heartburn became more common, and after weeks of trying to live with the pain, I began taking the medication regularly. Slowly the rash appeared on my back, stomach and arms. I’d gotten an ointment from the doctor months before, thinking maybe it was the laundry detergent we used while traveling causing the irritation. Not until a couple weeks ago while talking with my dear friend Alice, who inquired about medications, did the “dots” connect. So long rash, hello heartburn! I am currently enjoying the chalky chewable tablets of Gaviscon to relieve my heartburn until I can see my doctor about an alternative medication. It didn’t work tonight though ….and thankfully so.


Can’t my cuteness cure your pain?


I’ve been spending so much time lately thinking about what I’m NOT doing, I’ve forgotten to embrace all the things I’m blessed to be doing right now. Usually, it’s not until you look back at a time in your life when things were good that you realize really how good it was. I say, see it now! Put life into a perspective where you are grateful, hopeful, and appreciative. For me, I want to soak up every day that I get spend with my Dad, cherish my wonderful husband and overly enjoy the loving adoration of our two adorable dogs.


I’m so thankful to have loving friends and family only a phone call away. I’m also thankful for my phone, for my fingers to dial and my voice to speak! The greatness of things is only seen by the grateful! BE GRATEFUL!

The dogs anticipating Mitch coming through the door from work. Pure love and joy

I keep thinking that I haven’t done enough in life, I haven’t changed the world yet, I need to be more, do more, and make more… Then I realized, I am doing, being and making, it’s just in a different way than I thought, and that’s OK because that’s how life is. I’m going to be more content in the moment, keep the faith, forever remain grateful and cherish my life just how it is, right now…. And keep on working toward that next dream.

dream big, dream always, dream until your dreams come true




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