Papa and the Keurig Coffee Maker

  Not your average joe… Pops likes his coffee strong, you know the kind that would take paint off a wall and make the average joe not sleep for days. Mitch and I are medium strength coffee drinkers. We thought that getting a Keurig would solve our usual two coffee makers situation for living inContinue reading “Papa and the Keurig Coffee Maker”

April showers bring daffodil flowers, and many people to our yard sale!

After 6 full days of cleaning, pricing, organizing and stresserizing we had our sale. Half of the day on Thursday Mitch and Eli put up tarps because the forecast called for lightning and buckets of rainfall. Friday came and the tarps were like  toilet paper going down the drain, flopping around with the current. AfterContinue reading “April showers bring daffodil flowers, and many people to our yard sale!”

Our Toad Named Gracie

Oh the power of prayer, patients and persistence!! By the grace of God we found our Honda C-RV, that we rightfully named “Gracie”. We had done our research a couple months ago about what kind of vehicle you can flat tow behind an RV, affectionately nicknamed Dingy’s or Toads and decided on the Honda C-RV.   Even thoughContinue reading “Our Toad Named Gracie”