Harvey the RV

There’s more than one way to peel a lemon, and tons of ways to cook with them. When the lemons of life start to get you down, search for a new recipe!

When life gets too tart, just put some love in it.

Good news to report, we finally sold the camper!  A lovely couple from the coast came over, it was everything they wanted  and just like that we only had the travel trailer left.

The new owners loaded up and are ready to head home

After a year of trying to sell our beautiful 32′ travel trailer we had no luck, consignment didn’t work, craigslist didn’t work, even running an ad in the local wheels and deals only got us one phone call!

Willy (camper and truck) and Way (the travel trailer) before we went full timing

We were even willing to finance a loss just to get it sold and had it listed for less than others with similar year and make.  A few weeks ago, and at a loss for what to do, a thought came to me…what if we were still supposed to have an RV in our life?  I made the comment in passing to Mitch, ” I wonder if we just aren’t meant to sell it, maybe we should trade it in for the RV we’ve always wanted…a class C!  Shoot, at least we could use that, we’ve paid on the trailer for a year and haven’t used it once.”

What about you Milo, you want to go camping?
What about you Milo, you want to go camping?

We began our search with a prayer, “Please Lord, give us signs if the ones we look at aren’t for us.” Thankfully he made it loud and clear!  We test drove one, and as we were working the deal to purchase it, it got sold out from under us.  Oh, well, guess that wasn’t the one.  I found a 2002 that was a bit rough, I liked it, but Mitch just didn’t feel right about it.  Thankfully he reminded me, “Don’t get desperate and settle!”

Pops cruising around with Becky while Mitch tried to figure out what it was that I liked about this rusted out, torn up RV.

Alright then, guess we’ll keep looking!  We both liked another one but the price was so far beyond our budget, thankfully it didn’t work out.

Mercedes engine, need I say more. Way too expensive for us, but it drove like a dream

We kept the faith and finally, Brian from Camping World found us the best RV for the best price. He set us up with the Camping World in Burlington, WA and with his diligence and willingness to help, our hopes came to fruition. We are happy to introduce you to….HARVEY THE RV.

A whole new world of possibilities and adventures to come

He’s a 2011 21′ chateau Four winds class C.

Perfect in size, no slides and everything we wanted and more!

Now we have something that I feel comfortable driving, no more hooking up the trailer, we can all ride in comfort and Mitch won’t have to make as may stops for potty breaks! Plus it’s a great place for family and friends to sleep when they come visit, since we only have a one bedroom house!

There’s even a queen size bed!

Maybe this is life’s way of giving us a re-do in the RV world, because we’re not done road trippin!  Now that it’s not our lifestyle and it’s just for little trips, I truly believe that we’ll have the experiences I was hoping for when we went full timing.

Looking forward to making espresso’s before we go adventuring

This is the best example of never say never, cuz never, never happens, and in life we can always change our minds and our futures!

Big smiles for future traveling miles

Spring has been great to us this year,


Mitch made a wonderful treasure hunt for me on Easter!

Each piece of paper was another clue to the next egg! so fun!

Since it’s my most favorite holiday he went all out!


He even made a basket for pops.


I was even lucky enough to win a bread maker at Bi-mart when I checked my numbers last Tuesday!  After being members at Bi-mart for the last 6 years our membership number finally came up!

Looking forward to smelling that fresh baked bread smell.
Looking forward to smelling that fresh baked bread smell.

The temperature is beginning to warm up, we’re in the high 70’s now, the tulips are almost done for the season and we’re looking forward to making the most of our summer, hope you all are too!

Blooming with joy and love!





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4 thoughts on “Harvey the RV

  1. So excited for you guys, your patience paid off, we’re looking forward to seeing you again real soon! Kisses and hugs

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