Sleeping With Lions!

Years ago, when I was delivering mail in Medical Lake, WA a women on my route told me about this amazing zoo In Nebraska. Since then, it’d been in the back of my mind in hopes that someday we could experience it. Me, being me, I couldn’t remember the name of the zoo, but I did recall her saying it’s one of the largest zoos in the world! So I began searching.

The world larges desert dome

I found it, The Omaha’s Henry Doorley Zoo and aquarium in Omaha Nebraska. As I began reading on their website I found that they offer an overnight stay to sleep next to the lion enclosure.

It’s a 21 and over program, which includes dinner, drinks, a private guided tour of parts of the zoo, an overnight stay, breakfast and some time at the zoo before it opens.

I was really looking forward to the opportunity, and booked it months ago. So on September 17th 2022 at 5:45 pm along with 14 other people, we all met in the education building at the zoo.

Our tent was closest to the lions, you could see them out the back tent screen
Nap time
You can see the fence for the lions on the right. The cuddle bear is wearing blue 🙂
We just had dinner and the guide was telling us that next we’d be going to some of the exhibits
Baby elephant, did you know that elephants are pregnant for 22 months!!
The weather brought lightning, and we had to take the tour inside until the security said it was safe to go back to our tents
Down under with the gators we went
I think he’s smiling at me
Turtle turtle
Seriously, they drink blood!
The weather was clearing slower than this sloth and it was possible that we wouldn’t be able to go back to our tents for the night

They got us into a theater room, tried to play a movie to pass the time, but that wasn’t working either. Someone in the group (yes, it was me) suggested we play charades to pass the time. Thankfully, soon after, we got the all clear to head back to our campsite.

Time for s’mores

The lighting stayed far enough away, but still gave us an awesome light show!

Time to head to bed, in hopes that we’d hear them at night. The guide said they usually start around 3 in the morning

Turn up your volume and press the open button to hear the lions!!
We got to see them feed the lions, this is them when they see the staff bring in the food

The aquarium; they also have a family overnight available to sleep here
“It’s a zoo out there!” Says Mr. fish
The above ground dome
You can feed the giraffes
Owl stands on one foot, as they regulate their body temp through the feet
Red panda
Monkeys and fish
I named this guy poofy head bird
I don’t think he likes being watched all the time. I wonder if they gave him a smart phone if he’d play bubble pop… or watch tik-tok??
Here he is contemplating the meaning of his life
I wonder if the gorilla would like to have butterflies in his world? He just seemed so sad
I didn’t know… did you?
These are stick insects, if you look closely you’ll see them
Tree toppers restaurant, they serve hotdogs, salads and such. The monkeys are hiding from us this day, but they say they’re there
They have a skyfari you can ride, a train and so much more
The end


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