SHOP TALK : Build, Rebuild and Rename

What’s in a name? I’d have to say letters, haha. What if we were to rename or even name things that get a bad wrap, or don’t have their own saying yet. I got a couple ideas I’d like to share.

Like a Fanny pack, maybe it would be better to call it a hi-pu or wa-pu so then it didn’t have the connotation of a middle aged tourist, especially since I’ve always loved them but wanted to be “cool” so I never did, but now I do all the time, no matter what it’s called. I just love not having to worry about if I look a certain way anymore, must come with age and more of a self acceptance thing. Too bad the younger me didn’t know all this.

How about those people who do something and expect you to keep their secrets and then they say they got thrown under the bus: I say if you do it, you better own it, own your own stuff or *#^! (OYOS pronounced oohyos) ©️ Yes I just created that! How in life did people start feeling like it was their job to keep others secrets? Anyway I digress, just a few of my little brain tangents that have been there for years and I felt I better put them out in the world so they stop swirling around in mine.

We did we move into the big house across the street and we have kept ourselves super busy, mostly self inflicted of all the dreams we’ve had over the years. The pandemic I know has messed with so many lives and livelihoods and I feel for everyone out there, but for us, being homebodies and such, we’ve just been keeping on all along. Although we remodeled 10 years ago, our tastes have changed as has our goals. It’s been fun to see things come together, and we are beyond grateful that we were able to refinance the house, during these most tumultuous times of 2020. I hesitate to write about all our blessings since so many have had it so hard… I hope that this doesn’t come across as anything but from a grateful heart and wanting to share our hard work with everyone.

Mitch’s shop, a dream come true! So many years he has longed for his own shop, and so many years I would tell him, someday Baby, someday, it will happen. Honestly…. I had faith but didn’t have a clue if it would really really happen. First we had big issues about where to put Shop.. There is small one car garage in the back that matches the house and based on all the requirements of where we were allowed to build it was looking like we might have to tear it down.

The small garage that matches the house

Every time I thought about it, I got a knot in my stomach and just hated the idea of removing it because I loved it, there was so much history and it just seemed totally wasteful and wrong. We were at a standstill before we even got started because we couldn’t agree on where it would go, so much so we almost settled on selling the house and buying another place that would allow for his shop. Then one day, while wewere revisiting the idea we walked over and just stared at the house, trying to think of a different option, throwing out ideas we went over to the south side of the house and began to measure if it would even be doable on the side of the house instead of in the back. The measurements looked good, it just might be the perfect spot. So much relief and joy rushed over us after finally figuring it out. We met with Bulldog Construction in Spokane, can’t brag about them enough, they were AMAZING. So we put money down last year to reserve a build in the summer and when things got going, they went fast.

I just love how it looks like it was meant to be there all along

It took about two weeks for them to do the entire pole building, we opted for insulation which helps with the condensation and Mitch is out in his shop every morning tinkering around and is happy as happy can be. Here is video we made this summer. We wanted to do a ribbon cutting to celebrate the official completion of the shop so we got some yarn, I made a little speech and then everything went wrong, haha.

That old garage is now my beautiful soon to be full of rescued relics SHE SHED.. Mitch has already hung up some chandeliers for me in there and I had so much help from my girls getting it all wiped down and ready for her new lease on life.

That old one car garage is now my she shed and I couldn’t be happier

I’d like to share a little bit of encouragement if you’re feeling like things aren’t going to ever work out, please keep the faith, the Good Lord knows the desires of your heart. Just keep on being grateful for all you have, no matter what you don’t have. your cup will run over, but you must in all things appreciate what you got, love over hate and forgive others, including yourself. If you do that, when the things you were working towards (yes, ya gotta do the work) come into your life they will be like sprinkles on an already wonderful existence.





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One thought on “SHOP TALK : Build, Rebuild and Rename

  1. You are so right it looks so wonderful! I will send you a picture of my sewing room. I still needs to get the wood screwed to the top of book shelves. Then put the cutting boards on it plus the wheels, although your uncle does not think it needs wheels! I guess after 34 years he thinks that I do not know what i want, silly man. Love you guys I am so glad you have it all done.
    We had a conversations about how this epidemic really has not affected us either,
    but we are blessed our family has been not been affected!

    love and kisses

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