The Dreams of my Reality

Do you ever day dream of things that in your heart of heart seems improbable? Or that may never really come into fruition? Or just hope beyond hope that the desires of your heart are heard by the good Lord and maybe, just maybe, if you keep on keeping on, they’ll come into being. Well, I am beyond happy to announce that we have fought the good fight and kept the faith and so many of the things that were once a “wow, wouldn’t that be nice?” are now a reality!

Last time I wrote we had to say so long for now to our sweet boy Milo, months have passed and so much has happened but not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, or think I hear him.

Just the other night I had the most vivid dream of seeing him laying on his bed and I went over and actually said to myself in my dream, “this is real, this is real, I feel his soft fur and smell his Frito feet. I made myself be so present in the moment, I might’ve even pinched myself in the dream! When I woke my heart felt at peace and my spirit seemed so much more lifted. I just loved to see those who’ve passed on in my dreams, it’s like little glimpses of their love for us from the other side.

The remodeling and re-doing of so much:

so many projects and much to share I plan to make this a few posts, so we’ll make this few big rooms in the house and what we’ve done and go from there.


My re-sale hobby has become more of a passion and I believe I’ve gotten my sweetie convinced to join me in the treasure hunting of all things discarded. Yippee, us two out treasure hunting, I couldn’t dream of anything better than that. If you’d like to see what I have for sale click here to go to my eBay store RESCUED RELICS 2020 Also, I just listed a whole bunch of cup cozies that I crochet and added some vintage bling cuz that’s my thing. Part of the joy of finding things or making things is knowing that soon they’ll be with someone who appreciates and values the work and creation that went into making them no matter how new or old the item is.

Here is my office before I got settled in:

Mitch put down a new floor for the office and it’s awesome

this flooring is called brooks meadow oak from home depot
waiting to be filled with treasures!
now looking at the picture I see where I can put more things! haha

Remodeling, taking something old and bring it back to life either with a good ol’ cleaning or a fresh coat of paint is always a wonderful feeling.

The original fireplace, I tried to clean it but the soot wasn’t coming off, in the end I’m glad it worked out the way it did because we’re beyond pleased with the end result
Id show you the whole area but then you’d see I have a tub of stuff sitting there that I have to look up and list.

Now that we’ve moved into the big house, also known as the 1906 Victorian Farm house we haven’t have a day or moment to ask what there is to do because every time we turn around we see something else we want to accomplish. For us that’s just the way we like it, always improving, making better or making it more just right! The following pics are of the dinning room. We chose these colors ten years ago, but we were ready for a change.

we are trying to see what color sample we want go with
in the end we decided for Behr Silverstone grey in an eggshell sheen and Behr ultra pure white for the trim
the floor is a laminate floating floor
Lifeproof driftwood beach from the Home Depot
This is the Dining room as it is today, with a dry erase easel thanks to COVID19 being a 5th grade teacher is now a part of my repertoire. I currently home school my Grand-niece Taylor and we love learning together
The dining room from another angle

The kitchen had a very dark flooring that showed every scratch possible and also right after Mitch put it down ten years ago I wanted to make sure I cleaned it right and ruined it! It never had the shine that it did when it was new and just really bummed me out!

We decided to run the same flooring all the way from the dining room into the kitchen.

Closet space was ample but hard to manage until we saw something on Pinterest. People of the world inspiring and teaching others, I do love that about the internet.

DIY closet Rods for Attic

Angled or Attic closet space is tricky and Mitch knew just the trick

There is plenty more for me to share, but it’s getting to be dinner time and those ramen noodles don’t cook themself! haha

Oh one last thing, I don’t know if you remember my fascination with the Leopard Slugs, well if you don’t, I am. I just think all of nature is cool and they are no exception. Anyway, this summer I was excited to actually witness the mating of two Leopard Slugs and I got it all on video, from beginning to end! The video is long and slow, slow as slugs are, but if you’d like to see the video click here to go to our You Tube channel to watch Leopard Slug Lovin.

I’m going to sign off now and plan to write more often, I’ve missed writing to you all and now that so many projects have been completed I’ve got plenty to share. Until next time, please stay safe, healthy and remember you matter and so does your vote!



Find treasures thought my journeys to re-home on eBay

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