The Weight of Words

What’s in a word? Well letters, of course. But also, they can push you down or lift you up. I’ve never been very active on other platforms, but that changed about 6 months ago and I’ll tell you what, if you want to be taken down a few notches, tiktok is the place to thicken your skin. Everyone has an opinion and it can be harsh. I found myself slowly getting wrapped up in that other world. I instantly witnessed, and on a small scale experience the massive love and hate of strangers. I viewed it as practice and working up my nerve to continue posting YouTube.

It worked, initially that gut punching sting of being called stupid or being told to shut up hit like a ton of bricks, but after time progressed I was able to not take it so personally and realize opinions are something that everyone has an abundance of! No point in contorting myself into an idea of how I should be when making videos, I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and the only thing I can truly be is me. Not taking it personally was the lesson I needed.

Being ok with putting myself out on YouTube is crossing a line that I think I’ve actually come to terms with. It’s so strange to see myself talk, to see my face.. I’ve never really been aware of my physical self. I’ve always envisioned myself more as an energy, a floating bouncing energy ball ( or a flower). Seriously, occasionally I see a woman look at me in a department store or making eye contact from a car and she’ll look somewhat familiar, but I’m not sure how I know her. I’ll wonder to myself why is she staring at me? why does she seem so confused AND is staring at me? Then a moment later I realize that woman is me!

So after a six month break, I’ll be back posting on YouTube and hope you’ll consider watching me and my sweetie. We’re carving our own path through the reselling world.

I plan to post more stories and such here as well from now on. Thanks for sticking with me and I hope this year is your best year yet!



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