Made for the Shade

Mitch and I talked for years about putting a real porch on the cottage, but time goes so fast and we just never got around to it. Until… one weekend when Mitch and Eli got together and knocked it out the park. It’s so awesome how everything always happens when it’s supposed to.


The old little porch was so low and rotten it was close to falling down.


They started in the morningIMG_8348

Took a couple breaks and paused for lunch


And let me get some good picture of them


Things came together so quick, every time i went outside things were so different

The next thing I knew, the roof was going on!


Nothing like a little father-son bonding time

Charlie is supervising and Milo is keeping guard while the guys work


Charlie checking it out, knowing we now got it made in the shade


Nothing like a hard productive days work


The guys admiring their handy work



what a special and unforgettable day! Thanks guys!


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4 thoughts on “Made for the Shade

  1. Oh my gosh, I finally found a way to access your blog via my message email site.
    Yup now I can see what you are up to 😉😉😃
    So after we move you built the new porch…
    Great job, Mitch& Eli!!
    Love seeing the wonderful world of nature with your new camera.

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