Forever Ago February

I wrote this post almost two months ago but with all that was going on, I just haven’t gotten around to posting it until now.  Thank you all for your love and support during this difficult time!

February was a busy month for us, of course there’s Valentines day, my birthday and our 5th year of wedded bliss, so I decided we needed to try something out of our comfort zone.  We tried a day of culture and culinary first. First we went to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and saw the exhibition, The Titans of the Ice Age. While we were there we also got a guided tour of the Campbell House.

waiting for the tour to start

It was informative and interesting enough, if you like that sort of thing.

Mitch and I having some fun on our cultural date
The start of the tour

Now that we’ve been officially cultured, we checked that off the list and went onto our culinary first. I made us reservations at a restaurant on the South Hill called Casper Fry, and luckily it was restaurant week so we got a appetizer, entree and desert for a set price.

The water was delicious

The lighting and layout was warm and inviting, it had a good ambiance.

I got a squash risotto

We watch cooking shows and neither of us had ever eaten risotto and this was a perfect opportunity to finally try some.  It tasted good, except they topped it with a pickled mushroom!  I had to look at the picture an hour later to remind my stomach that I’d eaten.  But hey, that’s the world of fancy food right, small portions at high costs. We did it, we changed things up and tried something new.  Probably wouldn’t do it again, but glad we did it, none the less. Next year I might schedule our date on the other side of the spectrum and do some dollar store crafting and go eat at the Golden Corral!

Mitch got me a fiberoptic light for my Birthday, I love it and so does Zoey
A girlfriend brought me flowers!
and Stacey got me a delicious birthday dinner. Waiting for the restaurant to open we decided to make the most of our time and cruised around the mall in style!
all smiles before the race started
kisses of bliss

The cold weather has kept us in, but hasn’t kept us down.  I’m not giving up on my bread making and finally tried it again.

Hello bread maker, I’m sorry it’s been so long
Looking like it might come together
Best one yet…but I can do better. I’ll try again in another year or so
Mitch learned to sew… thank you youtube!
The most delicious artichoke and spinach dip made by my sweetie and almost all of it eaten by me!


Seriously, that dip is AMAZING! If i could, I’d dip into that picture right now and have me a bite!






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