Until We Meet Again

Papa went to be with the Lord on March 31, 2017 at 6:04 p.m.  He was at home with us, just as he would’ve wanted it.  Pneumonia had its hold and wouldn’t let go, but a stroke on Wednesday March 29th, helped him get to heaven a little sooner.

Now he’s hanging out with Mitch’s dad, back with mom and everyone else that went before him.
But I know he still loves me this much
soaking up all the love in heaven
No longer in the prison of his dementia
Charlie is trying to adjust
Them being besties
and back seat napping buddies
Charlie hasn’t eaten in a few days but is starting to come back around

The man who was always up for almost anything made some great memories with us.

whether he was kittening around
or pretending to be grumpy cat
he was always drinking in the goodness of life
Even when he was tired, he was willing to keep me company
And aways had a smile on his face
When we traveled the country
and things got tough, he’d have a profound moment of deep thought and say just the right thing… like, “it is what it is, we’ll manage.”
I loved being his pride and joy
and Mitch loved being his son
Boy did the three of us have some fun!
The joy of a good breakfast
and coming over for pie
my daddy
was a wonderful guy
Now he’s in the mansion in the sky!
We’ll remember the good times
cherishing what we had
but for now
we’ll wrap our loving arms around the memory of you
and say “goodbye Dad”


Services will be held at the Washington State Veterans Cemetary on April 14, 2017 at 10:30 a.m.



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9 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

  1. Our sincerest condolences and deepest gratitude. You let us catch an exquisite glimpse of your dad on his grand journey. It was both exhilarating and heart wrenching as you demonstrated your father’s humanity and your ability to remain a faithful and loving daughter. We were honored to have been taken along for the ride.

    Our prayer is that you and Mitch will be able to find the joy that is buried just beneath the surface of the grief.

  2. I’m so very sorry for your loss. He’s in a better place without pain or the trappings of dementia. I know you will miss him, but you have such wonderful memories of all your happy times together.

  3. Shawna, I don’t even know ‘papa’s’ name……I would like to send flowers….Would try to make the services, but Odell (spouse) has an 8:15am appt at Valley Hospital on Friday, so looks like that will not be an option, since they said a couple of hours. Thanks for the insight into dementia…..Odell has Lewy-Body syndrome? Anyway, sometimes he sees things that I don’t see. Miss seeing you at Bi-Mart, but glad to keep in touch this way 🙂

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