Say hello to our little friend…


They called him Pistol

We named him Happy

We named him Happy

Mitch was working at Brookdale yesterday doing his maintenance gig when 10 minutes before he was to come home, this little guy needed a new forever home.  He’s had a tough go of things for the last few months, after moving into the assisted living facility with his owners, they both became unable to physically or mentally care for him.  The staff had hoped to keep him as a community dog, but unfortunately a resident repeatedly slapped him in the face when he wouldn’t stop barking  (and admitted to doing it) which resulted in a bite, and rightfully so!  Since it did happen though, they had to find him a home and quick.  Thankfully Mitch was at the right place at the right time.IMG_3230

Charlie (our golden) took to Happy like they’d been buddies forever. Milo, on the other hand, takes a little longer to make a new friend. So he’s a little skeptical.


Milo’s thinking…what’s your deal, you gonna steal the spotlight or what?

Happy’s been giving Milo space and time to adjust, and it seems to be working.


But Charlie and Happy are already running around outside playing together

Milo's a mama's boy so he'll just need a little time to warm up to our new family member.

Yeah, I know, I can be a little selfish… but I’m a work in progress too!

The best part is… Mitch now has his own cuddle bug.  Milo is a mama’s boy, which I love because I’ve always wanted a dog that would pick me first, but I know how Mitch feels wanting to have that same thing. Believe it when I say Happy takes the cake when it comes to being a lap dog.  He’s the best. He just wants to be loved.


This is him at the assisted living facility before Mitch brought him home. He’s just laying on one of the residents feet.


So after a bath

and meeting the boys

and meeting the boys

Happy is happy to be home

Happy is happy to be home


Thanks for loving me!


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