Allergies and Ankle Problems

If you’ve ever wondered where the worst allergies are, I would have to say here in Spokane, WA.


Papa’s never had allergies, until he came to live with us here in Medical Lake.  I never had allergies until I was stationed up here years ago, and for the last week we have both been struggling with all the allergens flying around.  Yuck, especially since it feels like we have colds.


Mitch’s been running at the gym like someone in training for a marathon, and was up to running 3 miles in a day. A week and a half ago a sharp debilitating pain stopped my sweetie in his tracks. The pain in his ankle got so bad he could barely walk, let alone run, and with a swollen ankle the size of an orange, moving around the RV with crutches has been challenging. Thankfully it’s getting better with rest, ice, and elevation.

Papa’s been walking the dogs with me more often since Mitch’s foot got hurt. 

We’re still eating well (ok, somewhat well) and going to the gym, it’s just been scaled down since we’ve had some hiccups in the road. That’s life.  Smooth sailing isn’t our way of life… it’s too overrated, we wouldn’t want a boat and I get seasick on a cruise ship! I’ve found it’s better to take the bad and find the good in it, have a mopey moment and then accept whatever challenge it is.


home made vegetable soup!  I used the Allrecipes app. it rocks

Through out our  lives, we are all WIP’s (works in progress) and if we were to get “it” (whatever it may be) right the first time, there wouldn’t be much personal growth or wisdom achieved.  Where’s the bragging rights in that?!  Speaking of such, Mitch has quite smoking cold turkey one month ago yesterday! Now that’s some bragging rights there.

Way to go Mitch! Now you’ll be able to take me on longer walks with healthier lungs…after that foot gets better





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