Homemade Iced Coffee

I don’t know if it seems silly that I’m posting about how I make my iced coffee, but it took me years to figure out how to really master the concoction.If someone can use this information and I can save them some confusion about what works best for creating an iced coffee I’m happy to help.


It all begins with the coffee.  For the longest time I would just used our brewed coffee.. blah ,then I tried the Keurig…nope,  still wasn’t right. I didn’t want to buy an actual espresso machine as it seemed too elaborate. When I began to research traveling I came across a post about a stovetop espresso maker.


Who knew there was even such a thing? We got ours from Kohl’s, it’s a 3 cup Mika Express Stovetop Espresso Maker.  It’s awesome. The next challenge is to figure out what coffee to use.  There are so many options out there and to find the right grind was confusing. We just squeeze the bags and try to guess what’s a fine ground coffee. Our favorite is Gevalia Traditional Roast.


We get our blended iced coffee mix, cups, lids and straws from URM Cash and Carry here in Spokane. I put a scoop of the blended ice coffee mix in the magic bullet container, then pour in the espresso coffee while it’s hot and it’ll blend really well with just the stir of a spoon. Pour that onto the ice in the cup and then fill it up with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or your choice of milk).


We also add some Hershey’s syrup to flavor them up.


I love the Carmel Latte and Mitch is the Mocha man.  I sometimes go a little nuts and make it blended with our magic bullet.  Don’t forget the Reddi Wip.








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