Family Fun and Football


Last weekend was family time.  Who knew papa was a pool shark, landing the 8 ball in the corner pocket like that.  He and Mitch’s Nephew Tuston beat Mitch and me at a game of pool.

We got to have some quality time with Tuston who stayed with us for a few days.
We had a bowling and billiards day.
We had a bowling and billiards day.

Superbowl at Angel’s was super fun and so many yummy snacks.  Everyone had a great time, and having the Seahawks win made it that much sweeter.  Angel had a few games for us to play while watching the game, and even gave out prizes.  When we first arrived she gave everyone a string of beads and said the words we weren’t allowed to say were “yeah, go and touchdown”.

Papa before he lost his beads
Papa before he lost his beads

If you accidentally said one of the words, whoever caught you; got all your beads.  I was so happy to be one of the winners and claimed myself a Starbucks gift card at the end of  the game.  Yahoo.  Thanks sis for such a great time!

Angel with Larry's ashes and wearing his glasses.  He was with us for sure
Angel with Larry ‘s ashes (their dad) and wearing his glasses. He was a huge Seahawks fan.
Family photo after the big game
Yes folks, that's a Seahawks poncho Mitch got in Mexico.
Yes folks, that’s a Seahawks poncho Mitch got in Mexico.

Before Tuscon headed back home he treated us all to a homemade breakfast.  It was so delicious, as you can tell by Mitch’s face in the background, wanting to know where his was. Who knew toasting the bread in the bacon grease would give it such an amazing flavor!  Yum.

The secrets in the bacon grease

Soon enough the winds will carry us further north, into even cooler temperatures as we head towards Portland to celebrate this ol girl turning 40. Where’d the time go?



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4 thoughts on “Family Fun and Football

  1. You are going the wrong way! We are just leaving Medical Lake. Heading south, where you no longer are! Dang it. Hahaha… Glad you had a nice time with the family. Happy soon Birthday! =)

    1. Bummer! We checked the weather in Yuma today (wonderfully warm)and talked about it only being five hours south. We are heading into some uncomfortable temps for sure going north.

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