God Blessed Texas

Howdy folks, from San Antonio, Texas; home of the Alamo!  We can now say we have been there, plus the Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and a 4D show!  We spent a day being complete tourists, and had lunch at none other than Hooters! The funniest part was trying to find the place, when dad asked a couple of older ladies walking by, “How do we get to Hooters?” and they ignored him and moved to the other side of the sidewalk.

What? Who me?

Here is my take on the sights we saw Tuesday, October 29, 2013.

The Alamo- Awesome that it’s free, massive history in one place but I was ready to move on in about 20 minutes.  I am just not a history buff, but it would be a great place for those who love to soak up that kind of thing.

the three tourists

Wax Museum- Not very impressed, a lot of the figures didn’t look very real, and I think Sandra Bullock would be offended that they made her look manly. Wouldn’t go there again.

I wont be back!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not- Tons and tons of interesting stuff and there are 3 levels to it.  It was really cool and you could probably spend days looking around and would still miss something.  I got restless after the 3rd hour.

The world’s largest tire

4D show- My favorite of the four things we did on Tuesday.  It was two 5 minute shows but not only are they 3D, but with 4D the seats moved, they had air and mists of water shoot out at certain times and even fake snow.  It was super entertaining and lots of fun, and I don’t like real amusement rides.

I have to say that Texas has been pretty good to us so far.The price of fuel, which for Diesel we can get for $3.57 and are you ready for it, as low as $2.99 for unleaded!

Then the other night we had the most astonishing lightening storm we’ve ever seen.


Mitch called it a strobe storm and I called it techno thunder.


 It was AMAZING and lasted at least 3 hours.


The temperature was 75 degrees at 11 pm, the rain was warm, the air muggy, and the sky was sporadically streaked with God’s awesomeness!


We were happy as a clams taking as many pictures of the sky as we could with our iPhones. By the way, not the ideal tool for capturing the best photos, but we were just so grateful for the experience.


Unfortunately, with that wonderful lightening show and warm almost November rain (yes, another song reference), we also found that there is a leak in papa’s camper.


We just added it to the list of things to get fixed and are now in the process of finding a dealer of Livin Lite Campers here in Texas.

The speed limit on the I-10 in Texas is 80 mph, not that we did that speed with Willy and Way, but to know we could was cool!


They also has some huge grasshoppers, so big they don’t hop; they just walk on the grass, so big they scared Milo when he first saw one.  The fireflies are amazing, there is nothing like seeing them sprinkle the darkness with spots of light.

On the other side of the coin, we have encountered some not so good parts. Papa has found it difficult to metal detect in Texas compared to other states.  You need a permit to detect in any state parks, and anything of historical value you have to turn over to the state; and we haven’t found a place yet.

Astronaut Papa at Ripley’s

Mitch’s challenge has been the humidity, although tolerable right now, it wouldn’t be for him if it were summer time.  For me it has been those darn fire ants! They are small, stealthy and painful!  I can be standing near the grass for 10 seconds getting a bag of groceries out of the truck, and ouch!  I look down and the little booger has bitten me!

Mitch has taken up the Harmonica; we went and got him one for his birthday, which is on the 5th and he can already play a couple songs.  As I write this post his is mastering his new craft.

Watch out Willy Nelson!


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4 thoughts on “God Blessed Texas

  1. Cool photos! Weren’t you in San Antonio when you joined the Air Force for BMT? Did you not get a chance to go to the Alamo at that time? We went there last year when my niece graduated from AF BMT and we took her to the Alamo and the River Walk. I felt like you, I moved through the Alamo prettyquickly. But my mom, who loves history, took forever!!! As a matter of fact, we were there exactly at this time last year! We had thunderstorms too and the humidity was not very kind to my hair, hahaha… Glad y’all are having fun! =)

    1. We’ve been invited to my friends parents for thanksgiving here in San Antonio but our month at the rv park is up a few days before the holiday. We just don’t know yet. Stay warm!

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