Dad’s Endearing Ways

Yes, dementia is a serious disease, but there’s so  many things that dad does now that crack us up and are BEYOND adorable.  We are learning to dance in the rain.

Looking at life from another perspective

Breakfast is pops favorite meal of the day.

Do you see what I see
Well, how'd my glasses get in there? Do you think I would do something like that?
Well, how’d my glasses get in there? Do you think I’d do something like that?

The man with a million facial expressions, and each one cuter than the next!

Hey pops, whacha doin?
Hey pops, whacha doin?

I’ll be doing up dishes, look up and there he is, elbow deep in his food.

I don't know how I got my breakfast on my face, but it feels nice.
I don’t know how I got my breakfast on my face, but it sure feels nice… you got coconut oil in the syrup?
I did what?
Oatmeal on my hands… well, how’d that happen?
The unintentional sock puppet

It took me 5 minutes to get him outside to just relax on the front porch bench, then in the three minutes I was away trying to get ready for work he was able to spill his coffee and get undressed.

Spilled some coffee, not a problem, just get undressed.
Spilled some coffee? Not a problem, just take it off.

He tried to drink dirt from a potted plant once.

He tried to brush his teeth with a straw. He’s also tried to brush his teeth with his fork while watching America’s funniest home videos.

He tried brushing his hair with his toothbrush.

He tried to eat his food with the handle side of his fork.

He’s forgotten he has a fork and attempted to eat his cake with his straw.

He’s poured coffee from his cup to wet his face with it.

This is Pops with his coffee soaked hair, when I showed him this picture he said, “Well, I’ll be, I look like my Dad”
then he said, " What am I doing?"
then he said, ” What am I doing?” and I reminded him he wanted to brush his hair.

Most noises frighten him, as he can’t distinguish what it is initially, so he’s gotten into the habit of just saying, “aaaaaahhh”, and I’ve gotten in the habit of warning when a loud noise will happen.

He’ll try to put sweatpants on, thinking it’s a shirt. He also did it once with a pillow case.

I’m happy to report that pops is doing really well, after spending 5 days at the Spokane VA for pneumonia we got to bring him home night before last.

2nd visit in 3 days to urgent care, no fun
2nd visit in 3 days to urgent care, no fun

Everyone LOVED him there,


he was treated wonderfully during his stay and they made sure someone was with him the entire time.


Embracing the endearing moments and cherishing every moment we have together.




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6 thoughts on “Dad’s Endearing Ways

  1. Thank you for sharing these precious moments. My mom is aging and I am starting to face some of these issues. Bless you all.

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