Our Toad Named Gracie

Oh the power of prayer, patients and persistence!! By the grace of God we found our Honda C-RV, that we rightfully named “Gracie”. We had done our research a couple months ago about what kind of vehicle you can flat tow behind an RV, affectionately nicknamed Dingy’s or Toads and decided on the Honda C-RV.   Even thoughContinue reading “Our Toad Named Gracie”

The Lowdown on Downsizing

This, that and the other hat (my alternative title and just couldn’t not use it)!  Taking the first steps towards going from a 2,400 square ft home to living in an RV. The beginning process of clearing out clothes, going through drawers and selecting things to put in our 1st yard sale has begun. I beganContinue reading “The Lowdown on Downsizing”