Keep on keepin on

I was hoping to write this post with relief and joy beings that we bought a truck, and traded in the banana and the CRV.

2006 Dodge Mega Cab 3500
2006 Dodge Mega Cab 3500

Yippeee! Right? I mean we are now in the right direction, after changing directions. We went to a small dealership, they were super nice, very fair with our trades and we met a great guy by the name of Kelly, who also lives the good rv life.  After 3 days of having the truck, white smoke began to billow out from under the truck… We thought, well that can’t be good. The next day we took it to a diesel mechanic. Cue music–du du du… “Engine’s bad, you have excessive blow by” he says, “take it back.”  With this newest wrinkle in the prom dress of life all we could do, was laugh. Seriously, we both laughed, i mean what are the odds? And then we were dumbfounded, frustrated, sad and sick to our stomachs when we heard the possible price to get it fixed. It’s funny,  when I was younger, before houses, and all the grown up stuff, thousands of dollars seemed unimaginable to have or to owe. Now as an adult it’s all around, 5 thousand for this, 20 for that, a 100 plus  for a house. Oh, Simpler times, But not as many options then either, guess that’s the trade offs in life.

A beautiful trade off for the responsibilities of adulthood

We did take it back to the dealership, the owner was very nice and understanding, said he knew nothing about the engine being bad, eased my mind by divulging how much he got it in on trade, and is willing to work with us. Now if we can get him to meet us halfway on the bill it would at least soften the blow.  By the way, when buying from a dealership if its not new, or certified used, you should have a mechanic check it over? Didn’t know that! do now.  Ugh, the lessons that we learn the hard way. I am beginning to think that this blog of ours will become the guide of what not to do when trying to go full timing.  Well, I guess if it is, then there is a purpose served.  While waiting to get get the truck into the shop and being quite hesitant to know all the work that needs to be done (a/c only works when the truck is moving and I think we have a clunk now .. Transmission anyone?)  We are still searching for the right 5th wheel toy hauler. We are both more than a bit gun shy about which one to get,  especially since our track record is looking pretty shoddy. We are really considering new just so if things go wrong it will at least be covered for a while.  I thought long and hard how to write this post in hopes that it wouldn’t come across as negative, or poor (literally, haha) us. I just have to put the truth out there and acknowledge that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and with challenges comes growth, knowledge and wisdom.

Hopefully we’ll come out smelling like a rose. They say, mess with the rose, get the thorn. oh wait, that’s bull.

I am beginning to think that all this research and trying to make the best choices with crummy results is ruining all the fun. But hey, we got love, a dream, our health, blue skies, singing birds and blooming flowers, so life’s good.





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