Arlington National Cemetery Washington DC

10/21/2022- Today we visited Arlington National Cemetery. We arrived around 11 am, and didn’t leave until 4:30pm. When we arrived they directed us to a parking area designed for oversized vehicles.

On our way to Arlington

Once we arrived at the welcome center, we were directed to get into a security line check. After clearing security we went to information for a map.

Map from their website

Our first stop was the museum honoring women in the military.

Women in military service memorial
Margaret Nash POW
She was granted 30 day of leave after being discharged from the Navy hospital

We headed up behind the women’s memorial towards John F. Kennedy’s gravesite.

A road in Arlington
JFK’s burial site, an eternal flame lit by his wife after his passing burns in the center. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Patrick Kennedy and their daughter are laid to rest with him.
They also have quotes from some of his speeches engraved in stone

We headed next to the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Changing of the guards in Arlington at the tomb of the unknown soldier
Honoring the unknown soldiers
Every hour on the hour at this time of year is the changing of the guards
The view of the tomb of the unknown soldier from below
While there, a couple of schools presented wreaths to honor the fallen unknown soldiers

Inside the building is a museum, showing gifts from other countries, metals of valor and photos.

Gift from Chief Plenty Coups of the Crow Nation

Behind the building is the memorial amphitheater

View from the back of the amphitheater
View from the front of the amphitheater

We decided to go towards the columbarium.

Arlington National Cemetery
There are over 200,000 service members laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery
The columbarium

While heading back towards the welcome center there was a service ending and we were able to watch them march back into formation.

The military honoring the loss of a service member
Arlington National Cemetery is 642 acres

There were more places in Arlington to visit, but we ran out of time. We decided to walk, but they do offer a troll car that would take you through the entire cemetery if you chose that route.



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