Museum of Natural History, Central Park & TV Show Locations

10/17/2022. Our reservation to visit the museum was at 11 am, giving us plenty of time to take the subway and get some coffee. now to see the dinosaurs!

I would’ve written what they were if I knew, all I know is they’re big and it was cool to see.

Watch out! there’s a shark above you!
NYC dog walker near Central Park

We take stroll through the East entrance of Central Park and visit the castle.

The Belvedere Castle
The back side of the castle
The view of Central Park and turtle pond from the castle

The castle was closed when we visited, so we were only able to view it from the outside, but wow! What a view it was.

The path in Central Park
There’s a road that runs through the park
Close up of what it says under the statue

As we continue to make our way back out of Central Park we see this tall pillar, I take a picture and say to Mitch, “I wonder what that is, I’ll just take a picture and look it up later”

thankfully a guy walking by says, “it’s the oldest thing you’ll see in Central Park, it’s from Egypt. I’m a tour guide and I just can’t not tell you about it.” We thank him and make our way over to it.

Translation of hieroglyphics
View of the city from central park
Walking tunnel in Central Park, we aren’t sure but it made us think of the movie The Brave One with Jodie Foster, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a great movie

One thing we really wanted to do was see a few of the locations that were used in some of our favorite shows. I mapped it out and we headed towards the first stop.

Walking towards our next point of interest on 85th street from Central Park

Our first stop is for a show on Hulu, Only Murders in the Building. We’ve never seen the show, but it’s Taylor’s favorite and she asked for us to get a picture for her.

The “arconia” building from Only Murders in the Building. It’s actually the Belnord apartments at 225 w 86th street
The Belnord Apartments

We then headed further north on the subway to go see the “Seinfeld restaurant” it’s actually called Toms Restaurant, they just cut out Tom in the Seinfeld series.

Tom’s Restaurant
The restaurant from Seinfeld, they only used the outside image and nothing inside is like the show. Tom’s restaurant at 2880 Broadway in New York

Back on the subway and a stop off at Times Square

Hello Macy’s
The pigeons of New York
In search for more snacks
Taking the subway to the friends apartments

We find our way to Greenwich Village, also called the west village.

The friend’s apartment in the west village 90 Bedford st in New York. Again they only used the outside image for the show.

There’s a restaurant below the apartments, we decided to eat there, sat down at a table and they brought us waters. As we looked at the menu and the prices, we decided we weren’t feeling it, so before the waiter returned we jetted down the street, Mitch pretending to get an important call from… nobody! Once we got down the block, we sat on the sidewalk to plan our next stop.

I look up and see this old crooked post and a homemade two seat bicycle

We decide to head back to New Jersey and find something to eat there.

Mitch on the subway, we got this down now
We found a restaurant in Jersey City called Luna
I got the penne vodka and Mitch got the braised ribs and gnocchi they were both delicious
Cool Poster in Luna restaurant

The service was excellent, great atmosphere and the best part was the sign they had on the bathroom door

We finish our meal and head home to Harvy, as the sun was setting lights were coming on. We went a different route than usual and came upon a beautiful building.

Jersey City, City Hall
Civil war memorial

We settle in for the rest of the evening, looking forward to not having anything scheduled the next morning. Tomorrow evening we will actually see a Broadway play, on Broadway!



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