The Welcoming Committee

Moving to warmer weather has been a treat since the first day we arrived. Sunny skies greet us in the morning, and blooming cacti sprinkle the landscape with vibrant colors.

The vast variety of birds sing throughout the day, and make us wonder what it is they have to say.

We were able to close on the house yesterday, Thursday April 28th, 2022 at 3:15 pm. We’d packed up most of our items a couple hours earlier, just leaving out the essentials after hearing it was possible we could close a day early. Bringing in our basics and getting the beds from storage was priority one. Thankfully they guys had organized the storage shed so they were easy to access. The frames were buried, so we just slept on the floor. Normally that wouldn’t have been an issue, but the first time we looked at the house, Eli saw a live scorpion inside the front door. I was hoping it was a fluke, but when Mitch was testing the sprinklers he found another one. Last night, while Mitch, Eli and I went to grab a bite to eat Nettie encountered a scorpion on the back patio. EEEEKS!

These kind glow under a black light

Not to be ignored, another species made their presence known last night. A cockroach! He was in the kitchen, acting like he owned the place. Maybe it was because the house had been vacant, I don’t know but I’ve never had roaches! Now, I’m not about killing bugs out in nature, I respect their space, but the minute they try and invade my space, it’s a whole other ball game. Unfortunately, while unpacking today I found another, larger cockroach. We have an exterminator scheduled for next week but until then, those creepy crawlers are going to keep me on high alert.

Living in Washington state we had bugs, but not these kinds of bugs! We’d get ants, frogs croaking somewhere in the house, and bats swooping around from time to time and of course the dreaded mosquitoes. The locals here in Arizona also state that tarantula’s, black widow spiders and rattle snakes are also around. I’m hoping not to have any encounters, but we’ll see.

Here I am, editing the post around 8 o’clock at night, enjoying our enclosed patio when suddenly something falls onto my head. I scream so loud, Im sure it was heard throughout the neighborhood. I jump up, knowing it has to be a scorpion! Where is it? Every fiber of my being is tingling when suddenly nettie see’s the cats chasing it. It was a grasshopper! Having been traumatized by my brother at a child with a grasshopper (he’d pin me down and held it so close to my face I could see my fear reflected through its eyes) it was almost worse than if it were a scorpion. So I killed it.

Now onto a welcomed kind of welcome, a lady down the street knocked on our door yesterday. She said her name is Ruth and wanted to introduce herself. She’s in her 70’s and had a welcoming smile. She offered insight about the neighborhood and stated that next weekend is the community yard sale and if we had items that we decided we didn’t need it would be a perfect opportunity to let them go. She couldn’t have been more right. I am beyond over all our crap! Before We moved I refered to them as treasures, valued items or memorable keepsakes. At this point, I find myself fed up with every little thing I see, the 8 dust pans, the 40 stained mismatched dish clothes and 20 blankets strewn across the house, the 4 ladders paint stained and the same size, I want them gone. I feel suffocated by the abundance of randomness. In the end I’m sure I’ll be grateful for this move, making us realize how unnecessary the majority of our stuff is, especially having more than one of certain things. As for now, it’s getting through the thick of it, assessing necessities and letting go of the excess.

Just a glimpse of the chaos



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