How To Issue A Refund to Buyer on EBay Managed Payments

FEBRUARY 15, 2021

When a buyer doesn’t open a claim, but they reach out to you wanting to work out a compromise because the item isn’t as described or whatever the case may be this is how you get to that place to do what you need to do. I spent the last hour trying to figure it out and want to save you all the time 🙂

select –my ebay (far right corner

select- selling

under the category titled orders (on the upper right of the page)

select- see all orders

now scroll down until you find the item sold requiring attention

next to that item is an little box with the words leave feedback


next to that is an arrow that points down

select-that little arrow

and tada there are tons of options and one is to…



I hope you all find this as useful as I will in the future because I know me and I’ll be coming back this time and time again.

until next time,

Happy treasure hunting



Find treasures thought my journeys to re-home on eBay

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