More to Love

I love the ebb and flow of life, it’s fluid, never permanent, and it saddens me that life is always changing. It’s all so oxymoronic! The human condition, the ever transforming contradictions of all things possible, good and bad. I’ve learned to be more accepting of my flawed self and let my heart guide my choices more than my ego. No more putting myself into a self created box. There’s always room for renegotiation and I now permit myself to change my mind. It’s allowed for a fuller more true existence. What’s this all about you ask. well, I’ve become a cat person!

Zoey has adapted amazingly well! She’s even started laying by my feet again. We followed all the rules about cat introductions and it worked really well.

I’ve always been one to love dogs and here I am going to rescue a cat and end up adopting two! We adopted them from Pawsitive Outreach spay Neuter advocates

meet El Capitan Odin Underfoot , he love snacks, belly rubs and watching the birds.
Also… he’s always right under foot, when he’s not spilling over the cat perch.
This is Mister, Mr. man he is so smart, a super cuddler, loves going for car rides and has the greatest personality and my favorite is he gives the forehead tap love 💗
Going for a ride

That makes three cats we now have! Am I betraying that person I once was? So proud to love dogs and never understanding the draw of a cat and look at me now. I’ve Stereotyped cats based on a few childhood interactions. I’d been focused on only the negative and now I see all the positive things they bring into one’s life.

Milo loves everyone and shows it with lots of kisses

I get it now, the good Lord gives us these drastically different types of love companions because we are not always who we once were and sometimes we need different types of love and need to give our love differently.

I’ve made room in my heart to love both cats and dogs! Yay! Life is just so much fuller.

Getting to be bird watching buddies

Now throughout the house pictures are tilted, random items are on the floor, missing or sometimes even broken and I love it. That’s life; messy, imperfect, forever flawed and never the same. If you allow yourself to change and grow, your cup will overflow!



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3 thoughts on “More to Love

  1. How fun!!! So glad you posted. I was thinking of you yesterday. Pet those kitties for me. El Capitan looks like a kitty we used to have. 🙂

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