The Wild Life

This summer as I try adapting to my new way of life due to my chronic back pain (found out it’s Degenerative Disc Disease with modic type 1, bulging discs and osteoarthritis) I’ve enjoyed the dynamic world of wildlife right in our back yard. DSC_0812

Thankfully I’ve found an anti-inflamitory that’s given me significant relief, but I’ve had to drastically alter the way I move my body and things I can do, no more bending over to pull weeds or riding the riding lawn mower, but hey it’s much better than it was, and it could always be worse.

Nettie and I’ve become avid bird watchers, trying to get different varities to come into the yard. House sparrows are our fulltime families, and in one bird house they’ve already had two batches of baby birds!


unfortunately, not everyone makes it, no matter how much you want them to.


While others flourish


One day while sitting under the new porch cover Nettie noticed what looked like a hummingbird resting on our water feature.


We realized it wasn’t moving, so I moved closer to get a better picture


When it tried to fly off, we could tell it must’ve been slightly wounded,  but after a few attempts, off he went.  Every now and then we see a green hummingbird  and wonder if that’s our guy.

I’ve been trying out my macro lens and boy has it opened a whole new world!


Waterdrop on a blade of grass


It’s been unusually hot here too!


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