The Happy Factor With a Little Zoey

When we took in Happy we had no idea how fitting the name would be, but we’ve learned he’s beyond happy to be away from the life he once had.

 Milo in the yoga zone, doing downward dog. Happy waiting for Mitch to turn on the lazer pointer so he can chase it.

Happy told us about his previous owners by his actions and reactions. When Happy first came to live with us we thought that the resident of the assisted living facility was the only one to hit him, unfortuanely that wasn’t the case. In the beginning Mitch and I would hug each other and Happy would  bark incessantly, but slowly over time he’s become more comfortable with knowing it’s love, not anger and he doesn’t have to worry.  He still sees us hug and whines a little, but a vast improvement from where he began. Sometimes we say we should’ve named him Yappy because when he starts barking, he does NOT stop, but we’re working on that as well.


Here he’s saying, “yeah buddy, now this is the life”

One time I was joking with Mitch and pretended to give him “two for flinching” and Happy lunged toward me trying to protect Mitch.  Sometimes when Pops is getting up and the monitor goes, bleep, bleep, bleep and we’re in the house I’ll start to run toward the back door and Happy just isn’t having it.  He’ll wake up in the middle of a dead sleep and start barking and chasing after me.


“Hey mama check me out, I’m hangin’ with the big dog”

We had a mosquito flying around the house a couple weeks ago, so Mitch got the fly swatter out and that triggered a frenzy of emotions from him. After the fly swatter incident, Mitch asked more about the previous owners, and turns out they were physically abusive towards each other and they often went after Happy with a fly swatter or a rolled up newspaper!  The poor guy had some rough times, and he’s obvoiously scarred from his past, but I’m happy to say, he’s getting better.  Everyday’s a slight improvement, he’s learning that he no longer has to worry, there’s only love in this house and he wont be hurt, and people aren’t going to hurt each other.

There’s so much love, we even find it in our taters.

Milo and Happy became good friends and started to really play with each other until…..we added another family member to the house who’s just soo much more interesting.  Her name is Zoey!  She came into our lives spuuuuuur of the moment and meant to be! She’s the cherry on top, the purrrrrfect addition to completely make our house a home.

Zoey’s homecoming picture
You talkin about me?
Every time pops see her he says, ” hey there kitter cat” and laughs
Zoey thinks Charie is the coolest… but who doesn’t
“whats the world look like from way up there?”




She even loves to use my phone
I couldn’t believe what I saw, but there she was, comfortable as can be laying ontop of Charlie

I’m a dog person, especially since I’ve been randomly attacked by a few cats over the last 20 years. I tried to have a cat about 15 years ago and I ended up crying and having panic attacks everytime I saw her.  I thought it was allergies but the doctor said otherwise. Now, where I am in my life, I know it had to do with my situation at the time, not with the cat.


Over the last year we’ve looked at shelters, and it just never felt right. Thankfully, Zoey found us and we can finally stop looking. One of Pops wonderful caretakers was showing me pictures of kittens at her mom’s place and said she wanted this one, but couldn’t take her.  I said, we’ll take her and then you can see her all the time! I was certain Mitch would be on board, he’s a cat man and since Happy, who’s supposed to be his lap dog always seemed to find his way over to me…

Zoey, Milo and Happy cuddled up on my lap, love the love!

The circle of intrigue stays the same, Happy wants to play with Zoey, Zoey plays with Charie, Charlie doesn’t care and Milo just wants mama.

I cant believe I got them all in one picture!
If Zoey’s napping, Happy goes and lays next to her
If Happy’s napping, Zoey goes and lays next to him
Kickin it, kitty style
Could I BE any cuter?
I sure CAN!




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