It’lldo, Ruby Sue, and My Love


In a previous post I’d mentioned that I was going to trade in Fancy (my Volkswagen Tiguan) for a different car. To my surprise it happened without any problems….except what to name her. She has a lot less miles, not as many bells and whistles and is exactly everything I could need, as if it were meant to be.

IMG_0916Who doesn’t want to owe more on something valued for less?! Yes, because Fancy had such problems I basically lost what it would cost to get it fixed. At least now I can afford things that need fixed with my Nissan Versa, plus I got an extended warranty that I plan to use this summer since there’s already a clunk when I turn the wheel. I couldn’t decide on a name for weeks, after going through tons of options I kept thinking about how we came together. She was my best option from the lot considering my situation and I remember saying to myself, well it’lldo. And there you go; she is now henceforth my baby girl, itlldo.


Plus she has cup holders in the right spot!!! Wahoooo!  not under the elbow like Fancy….why do they put cup holders is such inconvenience places sometimes?

Ruby Sue

Before our traveling days, I was a substitute rural carrier for the USPS in Medical Lake and I had a right side drive car named Ruby Sue the Subaru. She was a rock star out on the route and I sold her to my friends dad who is also a sub-carrier for a different town. They didn’t tell me at the time, but right after he got her, he let a family member borrow her and unfortunately had an accident. Thankfully no one was hurt.

He never even got to use her out on the route! Not even once!


My Love

Mitch now has a new occupation under his belt….yep, a substitute rural carrier for the City of Medical Lake! Being a sub carrier only guarantees one day a week of work, so he is also staying at the assisted living facility as a maintenance tech and now works 6 days a week. Knowing that he was going to need a car we asked about Ruby Sue and that’s when we heard the sad news about the accident. To our surprise, my friend’s dad said that we could just have her back if we wanted her. We met him about 45 minutes south of Spokane and saw my baby girl sitting in an open field with a beautiful view of the land, just enjoying her temporary retirement.


The front left side was damaged, the windshield had a hole from nothing other than a mailbox that was involved in the accident and still they were able to drive her to her current location. Such a tough ol’ gal!


Right then and there he signed over the title and just GAVE us back Ruby Sue the Subaru!!!! We were so grateful and counted our blessings all the way home. Now how to get her fixed.  Thankfully our wonderful massage lady Mikey (Whispering Palms in Medical Lake, affordable and amazing!) has an equally amazing husband named Steve who helped us get her to his place and fixed her up better than she was when I had her!


Rear window busted out as well

She looked worse than she really was and after taking her to see Steve Block the dinged up car whisperer, she was ready to hit the route.



Onto our next adventure, driving “new” old cars and looking forward to what the future holds.





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