Rollin’ in the Dough

We’re rollin’ in the bread dough folks, not the monitory dough, unfortunately.  As I do with most things (savoring the possibilities before experiencing the reality), I waited months to try out the bread maker I’d won from Bi-Mart.  Once I decided to jump into the unknown, there was no end to the bread world of deliciousness, but talk about a learning curve.  Not realizing that I had to really read ALL the instructions my first batch came out awful.

Yes, that is the bread, eeeks
Yes, that is the bread, eeeks
an up close look what is supposed to be bread
 Can you see the carousel horse within the mess of bread?

I re-read the instructions, and learned that just scooping flour from the bag can add more than a tablespoon of flour to the recipe.  The trick is the stir the flour, then spoon it into the measuring cup and leveling it off with a butter knife.

Easiest way to stir and scoop flour is to put in air tight container
Easiest way to stir and scoop flour is to put in air tight container

So picky the bread making world!  Even how you layer the ingredients into the machine is super important!  Try number two was cinnamon bread even though it didn’t taste much like cinnamon, it at least looked like bread!

Cinnamon bread with medium crust cooked in bread machine

French bread was my third attempt, and it turned out pretty good, but didn’t really taste like french bread.

french bread with light crust cooked in bread machine

After trying three recipes from the manual, I knew that the internet would be where I would find the best recipes!  Try number four was the jackpot of yumminess!


Cinnamon Swirl Bread from All recipes

It made two loafs, and I had to take it out of the machine, add ingredients and then cook in the oven, but it was so worth it.

second loaf I didn't roll tight enough, but still super delicious
second loaf I didn’t roll tight enough and put in the wrong loaf pan, but still tasted great

I don’t think I’ve mastered the art of bread machine making , but am looking forward to baking lots more in the future to share with family and friends  🙂




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