To Thai and Try New Things

Our new found favorite Thai restaurant, Grandma Ji’s Excellent Thai, is only minutes away in the neighboring town of Airway Heights.  Priced better than other thai restaurants, delicious tasting food, and super friendly service. I recommend #41 Yakisoba noodles!

They are on the North side of the street near Domino’s in Airway Heights


Onto how to burn off those calories from that Thai food, the fun way! Zumba and water aerobics! My two new ways of keeping active! I’m not one who sweats easily, and I’m thankful for that…usually.  But when it comes to working out, I long for that bead of sweat to finally run down my face.  Now, thanks to Zumba, I know I’m sweating out those toxins!  What a wonderful workout.  Loving the X-Box 360 with Kinect.

zumba with x-Box

Now, onto the biggest question of the year. Why did the little old lady take water aerobics?  Because she’s lived a long life and knows what’s really AWESOME!  You don’t have to be grey to come and play, let’s change that stereotype!

Everyone is smiling for the camera, they just didn't want anyone to know it's them!
Everyone is smiling for the camera, they just didn’t want anyone to know who they are!

I just signed up for water aerobics a couple weeks ago out at EWU in Cheney, and invited a couple girlfriends to join (they’re in the picture below on the left; all smiles).  Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming! I’ve wanted to do water aerobics for years and just never knew where to go. As fate would have it, a couple months ago walking through our local grocery store I overhear a gal mention to the produce man that she saw his wife at water aerobics. I made a beeline over to him and for the next 3 minutes he was forced to play 20 questions as I grilled him for more information on how to become a part of that world. I’m happy to report that I now know the produce man’s wife, her name is Mary and she’s super sweet!  We sing along with the oldies playing on the stereo, have some laughs and visit, all the while getting great exercise.

What a wonderful way to start the day!


Finally, someday became today, now it’s an experience instead of a wish! Life happens and continues on, whether I make good on plans or just think about doing things. I hope you all decide to take action on your dreams, no matter how big or small they might be. Don’t forget to thank God for the priceless gifts you get along the way… unforgettable friends and wonderful memories.





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2 thoughts on “To Thai and Try New Things

  1. Hi Mitch and Shawna
    Question for Shawna. You mention growing up in Collbran, Co. I was wondering what a cutoff is? You lived on the cutoff there in Collbran. I have never heard that term. Just curious.
    We are in Florida for 4 months this winter, staying in the same park. Meeting alot of new friends and enjoying the peace and quiet here outside of Clermont, Fl. not to mention the snowless, and warm climate. Take care you guys.
    Alan and Kathy Zimmerman

    1. Hi Alan and Kathy!

      The cutoff I lived on was a 12 mile long dirt road that connected the towns of DeBeque and Mesa (the other small town near Collbran). It goes from I-70 to highway 65. I am guessing they call it that because if you were to only travel on paved roads to get to the other town it would take twice as long. Also at each end of the dirt road before it met the pavement there were cattle crossings. Good question, I honestly never thought about it, we just called it that, and all the details about the roads and the miles, I never knew that either, just looked it up to give you a better answer 🙂 haha. So glad to hear that you guys are enjoying Florida! Would love to see some pics! We have been super lucky with weather this year! I think the East coast got stuck with our snow because we haven’t had much at all. The last couple weeks it’s been in the high 40’s and tulips are starting to pop out! Super exciting!!! Oh do we love spring. Great to hear from you! Talk to you soon.

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