The Diminished Seasons and Rejuvenations

Have you ever went looking for a patio table in the middle of July and find yourself walking into isles of school supplies instead? How about going to look through the lawnmower and Barbecue section only to find rows of fake Christmas trees and decorations?  It’s so frustrating that retailers have become overly eager for the next season, so much so, that the season we’re still in, is forgotten.  I went to Hobby Lobby today, heading towards their cute little section of chairs and furniture when BAM, fake Christmas trees.

St. Nick in the summertime… WHAT???

I was seriously annoyed, I mean come on, it’s the middle of August! I made it a point to tell every associate I encountered that they’ve drained every ounce of  charm from Christmas putting out stuff so early and that it makes me sad.  The last associate made a great point, he said, “The only reason we put Christmas stuff out so early is because people buy it.” With that said, I encourage the people to only buy holiday decorations in December or at yard sales.  Yard sales always have super cute Christmas stuff!

Do you really need all those decorations now?

Papa’s batteries have been running low lately, literally. Last week he went in to get his ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator) replaced.

Who? me?

ICD is basically a pace-maker/defibrillator in one, and he’s had one for about 20 years now and it’s his third replacement, so the batteries are good for about 10 years.

Up, up and away in the elevator he goes

One thing about papa being a smoker for 60 years, the heart doctor actually suggested not replacing the battery because a heart attack is a quicker, easier way to die than lung disease, and at 73 he has the body of a 93 year old. Yikes.

finally able to drink his coffee and have some meatloaf, all smiles

Talk about a reality check, it makes us hold on a little longer with hugs and cherish every moment that we’re blessed to have with him.

The cutest store I’ve seen and smelt in years is in small town Reardan, WA. It’s called Rejuvenations and has a warm glow that’s comforting with an inviting ambiance, highlighted with a level of taste that’s rare to find.

Who’s that fella sitting in front? Hey, that’s Papa!

If you’re ever in Readan, I recommend checking it out.

So much stuff you have to look twice to soak it all in.

Papa and I went and checked it out after a gal that looked at our truck told me about it,  unfortunately she didn’t buy the truck.

The biggest life change has been for Mitch’s sister Cindy.

Mitch and Cindy, always the life of the party

After realizing that her work environment was no longer a fit, she went to visit their sister Angel and it was a changing of the stars.

Angel and Taylor
Angel and Taylor

Cindy decided to pull up roots and move the Lancaster, CA. We headed to Portland the first of the month and helped make it happen.

On our way to Portland

Thankfully she was super organized and it all went swimmingly.

Everything was labeled and ready to go

Speaking of swimming… we went for a swim at Cindy’s apartment complex and wow was it fun.  One night we had the pool to ourselves and decided to hold hands, run and jump in the water together, we all felt like kids again. I’d forgotten what a wonderful feeling it is to swim since it’d been years, but I just loved it!   I hope that if you haven’t taken the plunge in a while, you go jump in the water, it’s so rejuvenating!

A clear mind after a great swim feels like a  clean apartment after loading the U-Haul

Thankfully, Mitch and Cindy had a safe drive to California

This is like my brain before the swim, ha

and my first long drive home in Fancy went fabulous. She’s so cool.


Check out that shine…and she's mine. What a blessed day it is!
I got Fancy right before the fancy song came out.  Can you guess how excited I was when I heard that song! seriously! They must’ve written it for her!




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