Dirt and Desserts

Project everything we can think of has been underway.  Our first renters, did a great job of laying brick and creating a patio along with a cute path mixed with rock. IMG_6271 We found that it was still a bit muddy because over the years the rocks sunk into the dirt and it just wasn’t our best option when it came to shoveling in the winter to papa’s place. IMG_6272 We decided to use what they had and add onto it. Note the rocks are gone but will be used in our next project. IMG_6277

Little patio on the left and you can see the first four rows are the old bricks

This area was once a florishing vegetable garden created by none other than our first renters, but we love flowers so much we decided to create a flower garden. IMG_6298 IMG_6305   IMG_6303     IMG_6306

There’s those rocks!

It may not seem as if there is much happening even though we’ve planted quite a bit, we’ll have to wait for next year to really enjoy all the creaping phlox and other perennials we’ve planted. IMG_6316 IMG_6320 The house came with piles of wood when we bought it years ago, and we’ve found plenty of uses for it off and on through they years.  Mitch decided to sort through it again and deemed some of it trash.  I just couldn’t let that happen.  I told him I’d use it and make something.  I started the day off with a hand saw and nails… hours later and little bench I just wished we still had our old tools back.  Oh all the things we’ve sold, ugh.  After my second attempt at a bench and the last nail split the wood I was pooped and was ready to burn the pile myself.

Wood pile full of potential
Wood pile full of potential

Walking into the shop looking for wood glue, there it is, the one saw I’ve used and felt comfortable with, the chop saw. After the whole day, trying 4 different hand saws, there was a power tool I wasn’t afraid of.  Thankfully Mitch make it home just in time to help me create our first ever bird house.

Homemade home for the birds
Homemade home for the birds

Next time we’ll use plans instead of winging it.  haha, get it, it’s for the birds, winging it. Our first renters, yes they were that awesome, also planted raspberries and we’re now enjoying the fruits of their labor.  I decided to create some yummy desserts with the bounty that being produced.  Our first attempt was a Raspberry Cream Tart, the crust is made of sugar cookie dough and i loved the taste, but it didn’t cook the whole way so it was a bit doughy in the middle and too much crust for my liking.

Mitch's masterpiece
Mitch’s masterpiece

I plan to make it again, but will probably only use half of what is calls for in the crust.  Mitch and I both made one, we gave one to our friends across the street.  She’s always bringing us over food, especially for Papa, and has inspired me to be more adventurous when it comes to baking and it’s an awesome feeling to share food that you’d prepared with others.

My raspberry design is kinda like me, a little sporatic
My raspberry design is kinda like me, a little sporatic

I encourage you to share some food you’ve made with a neighbor, a newcommer to your neigborhood, or someone going through a tough time.  It’s beyond rewarding and will make them feel special too.  Those renters I’ve been mentioning through this whole post still live here in town, and it just dawned on me how great it’d be to bring them something made with the raspberries they planted years ago.  Guess i better get going, I got more baking to do. Before I go, I’ve got one more dessert to share with you.  It’s Betty Crocker Extra Moist White Cake with Whipped White Frosting mixed with Cool Whip…. YUM.

White Cake with Fripped Topping and Raspberry filling
White Cake with Fripped Topping and Raspberry filling

I took the entire container of whipped frosting and put in a bowl and used a mixer on medium for about a minute, then took the Cool Whip and gently mixed in about 2/3 of an 8oz container, tasting as I stirred for taste and texture.  Online they say not to stir to hard or it’ll go flat.  For the center I just used the Cool Whip and Frosting mix (from now on I’m calling it Fripped Topping because it’s a pain to write the whole description, I wonder if I just created a new word…ooh exciting)  and stirred in some raspberries. cake It was DELICIOUS!!  For most cakes I usually end up scooping off most of the frosting because it’s too sweet and rich but having it like this was the icing on the cake, and yummy to the last bite with no fripped topping left on the plate.  Make sure you keep the cake refridgerated afterwards.  The best part was that after 7 years, I finally made a cake that Mitch thought was moist and was so excited about he requested it for his birthday. IMG_6361   The fripped topping got papas approval too!  If you try it, hope you it like it as much as we do!  Unitl next time …whip it, whip it good, fripped topping word creator signing off.



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