I Heart Hospice

Over the past few weeks we’ve made a few little trips, just here and there. Our first stop was GreenBluff, WA where you’re able to pick whatever fruit is ripe and pay by the pound.

Gorgeous homes intermingled with nature on the Bluff
Gorgeous homes intermingled with nature on the Bluff

There wasn’t anything ripe for the picking when we went, but we did at least get out of the house and papa made a new friend.

Rise and shine
Rise and shine

The one store that was open was the High Country Orchard and we enjoyed having it to ourselves as we looked around at the cutest home decor.

We couldn’t resist getting a couple coffee cups

It’s a great place to stop in for a delicious pastry and enjoy the relaxing ambiance before the summer crowds.



In the past we’ve picked cherries, raspberries, strawberries and pumpkins, Yum. We’re looking forward to returning when things are back in season.

It's good to be me
Running through orchards sounds dreamy… can I come?

Charlie got a long awaited washing at the Yuppy Puppy and loved getting all the attention, without Milo squeezing his way in.

Don't forget to massage the foot while you have it in your hand
Don’t forget to massage the foot while you’re at it buddy

We were very happy with the products they provide for a self serve dog wash place; the girl was super informative and very welcoming.

Yuppy Puppy just past the "Y"
Yuppy Puppy just past the “Y”

We’ve had a few really good rainstorms, hail and the ever-dreaded thunder.

Break in the storm, just enough time to take the dogs for a walk
With a break in the storm we hurry to take the dogs for a walk

The dogs, no matter the scenario, are shaking up a storm if they hear thunder, no pun intended and no fun for any of us.

What was that, was that another rumble!?
Yikes, was that another rumble!?

Yesterday we ventured out of the state, heading next door to Idaho for a family outing. Post Falls, Idaho has some of the best thrift stores I’ve ever seen, not only in appearance, but also with what they have for sale. The facilities are clean and organized, the people were friendly and the clothing is in order of size, color and style.

Good stuff at the Goodwill
Good stuff at the Goodwill

Of course I can’t forget to mention the awesome prices they have on items. We didn’t go to all stores, but we did visit the Goodwill, Idaho Youth Ranch  and Hospice Thriftique, all three are well worth the visit! Click here for the list of all thrift stores and addresses in Post Falls. We were in awe of the quality of items available for the sale, especially at the Hospice Thriftique. I would like to mention that it’s run entirely by volunteers and the proceeds go to Hospice. When my mom was near the end of her days on earth, Hospice in Oklahoma was there for us in every way until the end. It’s such a wonderful organization; I hope that you’d consider shopping there before you take yourself to a superstore.


Go show the love if you heart hospice too!
Go show the love if you heart hospice too!

To all you moms, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day and may all those in your life cherish you and remember to show it today and every day.



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