Mucking Around in Mississippi

We’ve been here in Mississippi now for more than a week, and not much has happened.  It’s been rainy, cool and just a bit blah.  Mitch and I have been playing scrabble, watching some old movies and just piddling around. Papa has been keeping occupied with his word search and hasn’t done much metal detecting due to the cool weather. We did purchase some tools to fix the rust on our truck. Willy had rust before we left, but it has gotten really bad! Did you know that things rust super fast down in this part of the country? Well they do!

Even the mushroom around here rust! haha I joke

And the humidity; let me tell you, it is HUMID! Now, I went through basic training in San Antonio, TX in the middle of June, so I know humid.  But here is Mississippi it’s a whole other world of wet!  One day, right after we arrived it was still warm out, with a 100% humidity and they weren’t kidding.  Inside our RV, everything had dampness to it, the sofa fabric feels wet, the calendar has curled  and Milo’s fur was total frizz.  I found it a bit bothersome, but at least it was warm…then it rained.  The kind of rain that one would write home about, or post about.  It was as if God had grabbed the ocean like it were a bed sheet, threw it into the sky, and pulled it back down making it more of a waterfall than rain.  Never have I experienced that much water from the sky at one time in my life.  I wondered if it would begin to flood and we would be washed out into the ocean that is only 3 miles from us. We made it through the crazy rain, papa’s place didn’t leak (yahoo!) and then it got cold. Since then, it’s been pretty cool, lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s.   Not that I’m complaining, I know back home it has been in the single digits, it’s just still cooler than I would like.  Guess you can’t have everything in life, but I’ll keep on trying 🙂

all over the grounds here at Bay Hide Away.  It is caused by crawfish, also called crayfish or mud bugs.
all over the grounds here at Bay Hide Away are these odd dirt mounds. It is caused by crawfish, also called crayfish or mud bugs.

We were planning to go to New Orleans this week, but the weather wasn’t cooperating and it’s now planned for next Tuesday.  We had a sunny day and decided to venture out to see what we could from the brochure we were given when we arrived.  We went and saw Guinness Book’s World’s Largest Rocking Chair in Gulfport.

World's Largest Rocking Chair, located in Gulfport Mississippi
World’s Largest Rocking Chair

Fed some super friendly and somewhat demanding ducks, and visited a local folk art museum about Alice Mosley.

The duck pond foul
They will run to you if they know you have food, and it always makes me smile to watch a duck run

We had talked about going to an antebellum (learned that word today, it means before the Civil War) house.  I just haven’t found one yet that seems to encompass the entire truth of that time period, the suffrage and awfulness of what was endured for those enslaved.  The few I’ve looked up seem to be commercialized and romanticized, without addressing the whole of the past.



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